Here Are 6 Kind Of Examiners We All Have Come Across During Viva

Kind of examiners during viva
Kind of examiners during viva

Having professors in your own college is one thing, and having professors from other colleges as examiners/invigilators is a whole different thing. ‘EXAM‘, this four letter word is more than enough to strike all your emotions to a peak and to it we have these examiners who never fail to provoke whatever that has been left in our poor glands.

Talking specifically about the invigilators, they aren’t that bad. Firstly because we don’t have to open our mouth to blabber any answer or basically anything. Secondly, because all that they have to do is peep into your papers (which contain some brilliant answers) now and then, and then laugh/praise us *all in their brain*.

But there are some invigilators who give you this intense look filled with anger and some emotion that is not so easy to comprehend, just because you asked them for an extra sheet just 20 minutes before the bell rings. Though all this, both the students and the invigilators somehow bear it down, the real struggle/suffer begins when you face the examiners for your Practical or Viva exam.

Here are a few things that the examiners say or do during your Practical/Viva:

1. Dig down your past/present information.

This is one of the things that all the examiners are interested in. It contains all the information about you and your family, and its their reaction to it that makes you wonder how great (if they remain neutral) or what wrong did you or your family did to the examiner (i.e; if they get pissed at you for some unknown reason).

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2. You know nothing.

Yes. You do know nothing (we are not talking about Jon Snow here)- the most said sentence, and if you actually look at this keenly it is the internal examiners who use this more often (maybe because they did a great job observing us throughout the year). And it would be wrong to blame either of them for the adrenaline rush has crossed its peak in most of the students and the crap that the examiners get to hear is too much to imagine.

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3. Speak up and do not speak anything.

This one sentence is more than enough to confuse your already dull mind. For instance: when you don’t know some answer- what you prefer to do is stay mum. Well, that isn’t accepted for the stare is enough to bore a hole in your face. And if you do open your mouth, you get an expression that clearly states how dumb you and your answer has been.

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4. The Laugh.

“Don’t kill’em with words, kill’em with your laugh”

There are a few of them who do not prefer the harsh words for they have a weapon which works even better than that- ‘just laugh on the face’. This does humiliate a few while the rest of them (call it shamelessness or the blankness of the brain) just plaster a wide grin on their face.

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5. There is nothing to be afraid of.

We always have this one examiner who makes you comfortable and helps you dig into your brain. And what more? It actually does work. It is in this moment that you end up thanking all the possible gods for sending this beautiful soul as your examiner.

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6. The one who yells/with a loud voice.

Out of all that we face, there a few examiners who love to yell at the students no matter how well or bad they have performed. All you can do at this moment is ignore or burst out into a flood of tears.

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We know the list can be long. Wanna add some more? Drop em’ in the comments below.