Unruly And Unapologetic Kangana Ranaut Is My New Role Model. Here’s Why.

Kangana Ranaut Is My New Role Model

After her interview with Rajat Sharma in Aapki Adalat Kangana Ranaut has shocked the entire nation along with the Bollywood industry.

B-town is a place where almost all big celebs shy away from making any statement that may remotely harm any Bollywood Biggie’s image, business or ego. But that’s a norm Kangana has never adhered to, even when she was new or when she was titled as a ‘flop actress and now that she’s a superstar she still remains as plain-spoken as she was.

She has been involved in a lot of controversies from actors like Aditya pancholi to writers like Ketan Mehta and directors like Karan Johar. But her last interview, mostly about her spat with Hrithik Roshan and his father Rakesh Roshan made me her biggest fan not as an actress but as n Kickass Strong woman she is.

 Kangana Ranaut Is My New Role Model

She talked all about her affair with the married actor and how things got as bitter as they’re. She claims that she was in a relationship with Hrithik Roshan but it ended in 2014 as the Krishh superhero didn’t want to continue the relationship. But as her movie ‘Queen’ got released and became an instant hit Hrithik pursued her again.

He kept stalking her and not letting her be in a relationship with someone else.
But the entire legal battle started when Kangana made a statement using the words ‘silly ex’ which Hrithik acknowledged as himself and sent her a legal notice to apologize to him for referring him as the silly ex.

But Kangana being her unruly self-didn’t apologize as she didn’t think it was something to be sorry about.Even I think the same, she hadn’t taken any names neither was the statement derogatory in any sense so what was the need for that legal notice.

Even I think the same, she hadn’t taken any names neither was the statement derogatory in any sense so what was the need for that legal notice. Apparently, Hrithik was insecure after Kangana’s success that she might publicly speak about his extra marital affair and his image would get worse as his wife had recently divorced him.

 Kangana Ranaut Is My New Role Model

Upon getting retaliation from Kangana instead of apologising, the Roshan duo(father and son) presented in front of the media a story which was as good as the storyline if Krish and showed everyone how ‘silly’ Hrithik truly is. Their story was that Kangana was not in a relationship with Hrithik but an impostor of Hrithik and with this they released almost 1500 emails which were sent by Kangana to that impostor. Mind boggling, right.

First of all, how did they get those emails from the ‘alleged impostor’ and why didn’t they bring the ‘impostor’ Infront of everyone to end this for once and for all.

They claimed that Kangana had imagined her relationship with Hrithik based upon these emails and called her mentally stable.

Oh my God! She’s Kangana Ranaut for God’s sake, not some teenager who’d imagine being in love with Hrithik and get fooled by some ‘impostor’. These two actors have worked together in 2 films and yet Hrithik claims he doesn’t know her.

Still not getting the demanded apology the Roshan father and son threatened Kangana and her family in every possible way. She got threats from the entire b-town, father and son threatened her to leak her videos and photos and whatnot.

This is the part which really breaks my heart and makes it pretty clear that Hrithik was involved with Kangana while he was married otherwise how’d he have her photos and videos. It’s pretty obvious that a person shares these kinds of stuff only to a lover.

 Kangana Ranaut Is My New Role Model

And the saddest part is that Hrithik stopped as low as threatening a girl to circulate her private photos and videos. I’m sure he must have gotten a pretty good education and this is the result of it. He seems like just another guy who’d eve tease you and try to get a feel of you in a crowded place.

When his threats also failed he complained to the cyber cell and still he couldn’t prove anything ‘against Kangana so now whenever he’s asked anything regarding this matter he says it’s lower his dignity to answer such questions.

The most horrifying part is this that even after cyber cell gave Kangana clean chit nobody spoke up for her in the b town instead people are still calling all this as a movie promotional stunt.

Kangana didn’t even get any help from the Women commission regarding this matter rather she was told that they can’t speak up against such powerful people. Even many media houses refused to publish an open letter written by her in which she talked about her spat with Hrithik.

This is what happened to her think about girls like me, you, your sister, your friend, what would happen if a similar situation was faced by us. I am pretty sure the same would happen with us, no one would come to support us instead we’ll be termed as characterless or liar.

 Kangana Ranaut Is My New Role Model

This is also what has been happening all around. Every time a girl gets raped her clothes, her character or the time she was out is questioned. Why can’t we just support the victims and be harsh in the culprits? Why can’t we appreciate Kangana for speaking for herself?Let’s all realize that however kind and benevolent Hrithik is in movies he’s not in real life. He has publicly disgraced and threatened a woman. He’s the one who should be apologizing and justifying himself not Kangana.

And all the more power to Kangana for speaking for herself and not succumbing to any threats.

Watch the interview I have been talking about here.

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