Nirbhaya Has Got The Justice And We Want To Celebrate This Day

Happiness and satisfaction coursed through the citizens of India when the four men who tortured, brutally raped and caused fatal injuries to a 23-year-old medical student in a moving bus in Delhi in Dec 2012 were finally awarded death penalty by the Supreme Court today. The Court described the crime as a “story of a different world”. The court referred to the dying declaration of the young woman and said the “brutal and demonic” crime had been proved beyond doubt. The court finally gave justice to Nirbhaya in Delhi gang rape case, which brought the whole nation on roads, five years ago.

justice to nirbhaya in delhi gang rape

“If ever a case called for hanging, this was it,” said the three judges, confirming the death penalty.

Long stretched reactions, marches, pleas, and protests surged in the entire country when the incident came to light five years ago, demanding justice for the departed “Nirbhaya”. “Gruesome”, “gross”, “sadistic” and “beastly” were some of the words used in the 429-page order. Her mother wept silently when the verdict was announced, while the public rejoiced.
justice to nirbhaya in delhi gang rapeRam Singh, the bus driver, was found hanging in his cell in Tihar jail in March 2013, months before the rapists were convicted. Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh were the other four guilty. The sixth convict was just short of 18 when he was arrested. He walked out of a juvenile home in December 2015 after spending three years.

justice to nirbhaya in delhi gang rape

While the judgment has restored our shaking faiths in the judiciary, we still wish the incident hadn’t happened. But justice has come, and better late than never.

justice to nirbhaya in delhi gang rape

We at TheMagZone applaud and support the decision of the honorable Supreme Court and with it, we also appeal that serving justice to gruesome deeds like this won’t take this long in the coming future.

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