#JusticeForGudiya: Unending Trend of Perilous State of Country

When Will It Stop?


Another blooming wildflower perished in the jungles of Shimla. A 16-year-old girl, posthumously named ‘Gudiya’, became a prey to an arrogant and lecherous group of men. Earlier this month gang-rape and murder of a teenage girl left Shimla in rage. On 4th July, Gudiya was reported missing from Mohasu, Kotkhai; regrettably two days later her body was found in the local forest. On the basis of investigation, Rajinder Singh, owner of an apple orchard and his five accomplices gave her a lift and raped even after death.

Firstly, after the death of one of the suspects in police custody by main accuse Rajinder, IG and SP were transferred from investigation. Vidharba Singh government hand over the case to CBI consisting of two DSP’s and SP’s. Police sternly say that they have physical and forensic evidence against accused. Conversely, people of Shimla believe that owning and accomplices of apple orchard are not the real culpritsThe police investigation has lapsedovershadowing the real culprits who are deemed to be influential in Shimla.


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Delayed justice for heinous crimes fuels rampage and protests, which became customary in our society to bring justice to victims. Nirbhaya took last breathe longing for justice whilst Gudiya died due to failed governance. They committed no sin to suffer this end. Government is accountable for delayed justice; but who is responsible for incompetent security? Every person living should be.

After fall of every flower, we rise in anger and curse pathetic society. Anger and curses fade with time. News channels buzzing with Jio, Rajnikanth Vs Kamal Hasan, Pak-Humiliated and Mission Iraq failed to explain their lost sight of Shimla’s case. A national fight of incapacitated girl is confide to Shimla. Grossing breaking news playing in the channels of India stamped the spread.


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Tragically, licentious men are burying future of the country. Trends, articles and news move with time. No law is stopping men from committing this crime. No execution is stopping them. Who can stop them? May be us. People should stand against potential crime to avoid walking for justice for the dead.

A home where women are not ill-treated, a society which respects women in every path of life, a community where responsibility of every woman is considered the way one at home might pull these assaults down. A political leader who doesn’t blame women for provoking men may influence their followers in the right way. An education system who teaches boys to be a right men may protect every soul in the future. Especially, children hidden from knowledge of the crimes and introducing them to walls when they grew up should take a step now. Consequences of  ignorance are hard to fight.


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Now, Gudiya needs our support. She needs legs to walk to justice and hands to thrash criminals. The fallen leaf is in need of a tree whose roots are strong enough to stand against the storm. Let us thrive to bring her justice. #JusticeForGudiya by spreading a word and standing up for her.

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