“Just Do It” Because What People Say Is Never Worth Pondering Over

just do it

Yep. Just do it. Don’t get yourself trapped into the LKK Syndrome,aka, Log Kya Kahenge (What will people say). Let them say whatever they want to, just make sure that it doesn’t affect your performance.

People will always say things at your back, either good or bad. They’ll judge you, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll stop yourself there. If it makes you happy then do it, if it upgrades you, just do it, be it good or bad, for you’ll get that feeling of satisfaction that at least you tried. Life’s too short for regrets. Give everything a try, for you never know what surprise life may throw at you.

just do it

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Always remember that if you try, there are 50% chances of winning, but if you don’t, there are 100% chances of losing.

I focused on this thing, and mentally prepared myself for the auditions of various societies of my college, and I got selected too.?

I was also going through the same feeling of “log kya kahenge” but then I thought that they will say something or the other the either way, so why to stop??  And I gave another audition, but I wasn’t selected. The result made me feel sad for a while but at least I was satisfied, for at least I gave the audition.

So it doesn’t matter if the results don’t come in your favor, at least you will have the experience and experience is the most important thing, and you will also get to know your weak areas and can work on them.

just do it

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So always try new things everyday, even if they scare you at first, because that feeling of satisfaction will make you feel so good that you will always crave for more.

Always look out for new opportunities, and don’t fear trying them because “Kal Ho Na Ho”.

Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.

Roy T. Benett

It’s been so long since you did something that your heart desired because of Log Kya Kahenge. It’s high time you listened to what they haven’t even said yet. Have something that you’re not doing just because of what will people say?

Do yourself a favor and Just Do It.

just do it