Jobs That Let You Travel The World

jobs that let you travel the world
jobs that let you travel the world

Travelling the world is a dream for many. Because of a dozen of Bollywood movies in the past decade, world-travel has become a thing and has gained vast popularity. Here are 9 jobs that you were looking for all this while that let you travel the world without you running into financial crisis.

Jobs that let you travel the world in 2019

Teach Language

People love to learn new things. With the increasing globalisation in the past decade, the world is becoming more united and is closer than ever before. With more and more people coming together and communicating, the need to learn different languages has increased rapidly. You can go to any other state-country and start your career in teaching a foreign language. This occupation allows you to travel and explore different parts of the world, meet new people, and earn well at the same time. Foreign language teachers are one of the most highly paid employees globally.

jobs that let you travel the world

Social Media Manager

With the increasing trend of social media in 2019 and a clear hope that it is not going anywhere anytime soon, social media jobs are one of the hot picks globally. Social media managers and executives are in demand everywhere and all you need is a good internet connection. Grab a social media job and travel the world with your laptop.

Jobs that let you travel the world


How can this not be on the list? Blogging has picked up recently and has suddenly become one of the coolest occupations around the globe. Bloggers are earning thousands of dollars writing about the niche they love. Pick your niche and start earning. You can also start writing about your travel experiences and start making money from your wanderlust.

Jobs that let you travel the world

Teach A Hobby

If you know how to play an instrument, a computer language, any sports or something which can be of interest to people, you can start your global career by sharing your information and skills with other people across the globe.

Pro tip: Never let go of your hobby and passion

Jobs that let you travel the world

Spread Your Culture

The world is full of different cultures and people, each of them being quite different from one another, opening a whole new dimension and possibilities of learning. You can spread your culture into this diverse world and can earn living out of it. From Yoga to regional classical dances/plays and various other art forms, you can go to other parts of the world and teach the world about your culture.

Jobs that let you travel the world

Jobs In Aviation Industry

Various aviation industry jobs will let you travel the world while you get paid. From being pilot to a flight attendant, these jobs are still a dream to many. However, getting into the aviation industry and getting a professional job require a whole lot of academics and professional approach as compared to the previously described career options.

Jobs that let you travel the world

Export-Import Business

Any business that involves the export and import of goods or services will fulfil the traveling process. This career option will require more professional and tight schedule though.

Jobs that let you travel the world

International Medical Worker

In this career option, you can get connected with various global agencies, NGOs and forums and get enrolled as a global medical aid worker. You can medically help the people across the globe and serve the humanity and the cause.

Jobs that let you travel the world

Working As A Tour Guide

An international tour guide’s job is one of the most adventurous jobs in the world. You’ll meet new people daily and learn a lot about other cultures along with travelling.

Jobs that let you travel the world

These jobs will give you the liberty to travel along with working and earning. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and keep rollin’. If you also know about other jobs that let you travel the world, drop them in the comments section below.

Happy travelling the world.

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