Meet Jahnavi, Girl Who Made India Proud On A Foreign Land With Her Art

Story of a girl who made India proud on a foreign land with her art!

Born in the Indian soil, she was named.

Renaissance she renamed.

A point in life when you open your wings not to fly but to crash on the ground is what a girl of 3 years did. She fell on her knees and smashed her hands with hues that stained her parent’s soul. The design on her mother’s saree became the violet of her rainbow. The girl had no idea what was she doing and what will she be doing.

Encouragement, indeed a heavy word if you’re an Indian and heavier if you’re an Indian girl. We, fortunately, or unfortunately, have a lot of weight on our shoulders because of our culture that looks colourful, yet is shadowed with diversities. Jahnavi was born in this. But she was born to a family where she saw colours of her own.

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Her first

Her story is a picture of her own. She drew, sketched and painted. She found joy and she was happy. Only then, that 15-year old girl with no expectations for her love of art got an opportunity to represent her state in the National art competition held in Delhi. She went to the finals and this time she felt an emotion called pride. . The glittering eyes of her father that always told her “Do whatever you want girl”, were filled with tears of joy. This was a moment of pride for her.
Well, time doesn’t gives happiness always. That’s the rule it sometimes follows and it followed Jahnavi. She lost her father. Those eyes that glittered with joy seeing her daughter achieving success came to peace. Shattered, broken and annoyed with her life. Alone? No, she was craving with the temptation of giving up. Responsibilities of her mother and a baby brother who suffered from mental illness took her life into caged thoughts. Thoughts about financial needs and living expenses caged her. “Lost everything”, people said. She had, but somewhere she lived as her father’s daughter.

Her second First

Art finds your way of perception. You fall in love with everything what is created. And Jahnavi drew herself to all the creations that she saw. She loved the straight lines and the curves, the hues and the saturation. She loved them all. She bid her anger and frustrations away and thought about nothing but the smell of pure love.

Sometimes it’s very hard to believe in ourselves. It gets us into a situation of dilemma which turns us against us. This 21-year-old emerging engineer full of life, stumped when she got an opportunity to represent India in a National level art competition in Dubai. Filled with joy, she was scared. Stepping out alone for the first time, leaving the only family and with dilemmas about herself. She thought, “Will this be anyway worthy to me?” A range of feelings with no, not, why emerged and she was quiet, not replying to herself. She convinced the committee to let her take anyone along with her. At first they agreed but while boarding they asked her to travel alone or leave the opportunity.

Go if you want to, it’s a big thing for you”, the word her mother spoke to her over phone and she left. A new country with all new people, she experienced a new Jahnavi. She travelled alone and brave. She was happy and proud. This was something she wanted to boast about herself.

Walked into the lines and rows, she said to herself, “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.” Experiencing beaches and coasts she saw beauty through her wounded eyes. She felt herself alive. Those long runs of life made her forget that she ever walked. And that day she started learning it all again. No fingers to hold this time. She felt strength and admiration and desires of her own. She felt her own dream. Closed her eyes, she saw a smiling face of that soul that strengthened her. It was her father. She knew it now that she got to do this, so she walked further.

And the next day she was at the competition. “Nervous? Yes I am. But I’ll do it”, she said to herself. The anchors announced “Jahnavi is representing India.” She became cold. She saw the Indian flag being waved and she was numb. Walked to the arena of her battle with brushes and paints, she painted. A child, with caged desires that cribs his thoughts behind the bars of the world, giving a sneak-peak if she can get out. Jahnavi discovered herself. She went through the joy of glory and recognition as a proud Indian girl, breaking fears of her own.

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Nothing changes she says, but deep inside she feels that she is changed. A strong woman with a determination of never giving stands now. The mirror says “aboard, here you begin.”

The MagZone and the whole nation is proud of her! What are your views on her? Let us know in the comments below!