7 Jason Derulo Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist

jason derulo songs

What kind of music do you like? Slow, soft songs? Loud party songs?

He is the perfect combination of both the kind.

Here is a list of songs by Jason Derulo that you would love to have on your playlist.

1.Get Ugly:

Caution: This song is addictive, and you won’t stop singing this.

2. It Girl: 

Young Derulo, Eh? But this song was an anthem for all the couples <3

3. Secret Love Song (Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo): 

If you love Little Mix, you know he did some justice to their song!

4. Wiggle ft. Snoop Dogg: 

All the dancers, where are you?

5. Want To Want Me:

I want you to want me. I hate sleeping alone. (CUDDLES PLEASE!)

6. Talk Dirty ft 2 Chainz:

Trumpets never sounded so sexy.

7. Swalla ft. Nikki Minaj, Ty Doller $ign):

Come On, everyone is obsessed with this song. Are you?

Are You Ready To Update Your Play List With These Jason Derulo Songs? Drop Your Views In The Comments Below.

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