An Interview With Yahya Bootwala, The Man Behind “Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi”

Yahya Bootwala
Yahya Bootwala

Some beautiful lines steal away your heart in just a couple of minutes. One of those is definitely ‘Shayad Woh Pyaar Nahi’.  So here we are in conversation with Yahya Bootwala, the man behind the beautiful piece of poetry.

1. Every time we take up something, it requires a mixture of interest and motivation. What do you think motivated you to write?
“So, I started writing out of frustration. Last September I started writing. So, that was a point of time when I was frustrated with life, and in order to get rid of all that frustration, I started writing. Somehow the scribbles made sense, and I felt it was proceeding in a good direction. Following that, I started working on poetry.”

2. They say the iceberg is only 5% above the surface and the rest is submerged. So, it is the same with you. We would like to know how is Yahya Bootwala?
“As a person, I am pretty much secretive. I believe there is a reason 95% of the iceberg is submerged. I am shy, and a little childish inside. It’s perhaps a very strange combo I live around with.”

3. Do you feel the Yahya who writes and the Yahya who performs, are they both different from each other?
No no. Both of the versions are quite linked. Whenever I write something, I automatically start performing it inside. Whatever I write, I perform it side by side. So it goes hand in hand and also enhances both the aspects.”

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4. According to your Instagram bio, you are an aspiring Actor – Writer – Poet – Storyteller – Philosopher – Cinema Lover, and also a Lover. So what is it that attracts you to the field of art the most?
“It is definitely Acting, an aspiring actor was the core. Everything else just came around with it. Acting has been my passion since forever. And in the struggle of being an actor, I became all of the others. Starting from a writer, poet, storyteller and all the other talents were born out of acting.”

5. We know you aspire to be an actor, what kind of roles attract you?
“One wouldn’t deny admiring the role of romance. Love is always seen from an artistry side. Maybe a really strong villain role. But beyond all this, any role that is surprising, or very artistry role like Ranbir in Tamasha. It is one of my dream roles. I admire the roles that have a lot of character involved in it to explore.

6. We all have that one person in our life who teaches us life lessons beginning from the childhood. Who do you think was that in your life?
“From time to time, there have been many people who have been teaching me lessons of life. But mainly my mother, the kind of chapters she opens up to me about life theory, I don’t think anyone else can. Apart from that, there are a few friends and people.”

7. What do you feel is the best part about being an artist?
“I think the best part is, you can find something beautiful in everything. Everything you see is an art for you. Each and everything an artist sees is an art for him, and he can craft him some way or the other.”

8. So we know that you were a science student. Tell us something about your journey from science to arts.
“I think it was weirdly amazing. So I started with Science, and I really wanted to pursue Engineering. Soon I realized that there is nothing practical in taking up engineering. So I talked to my parents if I could change, they were a little tense in the beginning as I had scored pretty well in my CET. After that BMM (Bachelors of Mass Media) happened and everything changed.”

9. ‘Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi’ became a huge hit. Everyone is talking about it, you’re recognized across the entire country, how does that feel?
“It feels amazing, I wouldn’t lie. I cross a street or in a metro and people ask me “Are you that youtube guy?” and it feels good that people recognize me. And the best part is, I felt that this video won’t attract much of audience, but somehow the cliché love did miracles.”

10. YouTube can make someone famous overnight.  How did you deal with this newly found fame?
“Coping up with it was not difficult but magical. My Instagram followers suddenly increased. Suddenly I was viral over the internet, with memes and shares. I have started receiving comments like that’s such a cute guy while I had the same face a few months ago but nobody cared but now they’re talking about it. The reactions and response seem amazing. It really feels like a miracle.”

11. They say you stay the best only when you keep giving your best. We loved ‘Cycle’ from Unerase poetry. So, did you feel the pressure building up while drafting another poetry?
“Yes Yes. So, the day ‘Shayad Woh Pyaar Nahi’ hit a million views. I got a lot of messages congratulating me. Despite all that, I was sitting in a corner of the room thinking about the amount of pressure I have now. Because now when I come up with a new video, I will have to meet the expectations of people. They’ve showered me with so much of love and appreciation that now they are expecting something out of me. It was not even about coping up with the previous video but coping up with the expectations of your audience. It was a lot of pressure to deal with, and I started focusing on keeping my audience happy and attracted.”

12. From all the poems you’ve performed so far, which one is closest to you?
“I focused on something that is relatable to everyone, and Love I thought was highly relatable for obvious reasons. Secondly, in the case of Cycle, everyone knows the process of how a child learns cycling by listening to stories or witnessing it. This gave me an assurity that relatability was really high in Cycle. The process of leaning cycle and life lessons’ fusion was much appreciated. But yes, the pressure is still building on.”

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13. As every writer or scribbler experiences writer’s block, how do you deal with it?

“Well, I move out of the place, wherever I am working, I just walk out. I roam somewhere. The writer’s block is nothing but a thought that is stuck in your mind that you cannot write. So you just need to freshen yourself, and you’ll be back to normal. You just block yourself thinking that you cannot write anymore or at this moment I cannot write. Listening to good music and getting some fresh air is the best way to deal with it.”

14.  As we at The MagZone promote budding writers, what message would you like to convey to them?
“I firmly believe this that everyone is a potential writer. Who is a writer? It’s simply a person who observes and pens it down. And I believe that every person carries certain beliefs. With faith in yourself, write about love, friendship, family, the house or perhaps the environment around you. But write it with full honesty. If you’re gonna put honesty in your work, it’s gonna rock. “

Yahya Bootwala is young, aspiring and full of energy. The vibes make us feel that he has a bright future ahead. Agar tumhe lagta hai Yahya talented nahi hai, toh shayad tum galat ho.

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