An Interview With Shouvik Bhattacharya, The Author Of ‘Murder In A Minute.’

Shouvik is a management graduate from S.P Jain, Mumbai and is currently working for General Electric in its leadership program. During the day, he designs analytical software which makes air crafts fly, and during the night he plots devious murder mysteries. He is a die-hard fan of Manchester United and you might easily find him reading, in a café or a bookstore in Bangalore. (source: Goodreads)

I was lucky enough to have got a chance to interview him about his debut novel, which is ‘Murder in a minute,’ and here is how it was-

1)  Who is Shouvik apart from the writer we all know? Tell us something about yourself.

Shouvik is an enthusiastic, positive person who loves to play Badminton, has represented India in Table Tennis and currently works for General Electric where he is in the leadership cadre trying to build aircraft but as you asked me to tell you something about myself apart from the writer Shouvik that I am here it comes- I write six hours every day ; this has to come anyway. (Laughs!) ?

Okay, that is great.

2) ‘Murder in a minute’ is your debut novel, so how does it feel?

Oh, it feels awesome! Awesome in the sense, of course, it is something I have created, I have it currently in my hand. That feels great, it is a very good feeling but the better feeling comes from the fact that I conceptualised the story or the plot of ‘murder in a minute’ when I was 17 years old but it did not happen to me because, you know, 12th standard came in my way, then engineering came in my way then the job came in my way and then MBA came in my way but when I was doing my MBA, I did my MBA from S.P. Jain, so while I was doing my MBA, the people who were around me were so motivated, they were from such good colleges, they were so motivated that it gave me the discipline that was required to, you know, finally put my dream into action and get this thing done so this discipline thing is, I think, the most important thing for any author to write good stuff and I think discipline is mandatory for anyone who wants to do good in their respective fields. I inculcated this habit when I was 27 and it took me like two years to complete my book so now it gives me a feeling that ‘Ye kar liya maine to I can do anything and everything,’ because it just needs discipline, it just needs time and now, I believe in myself more like if I set my eyes on something and if I make a plan; I can easily do it. So, that is a bigger achievement for me.

12th standard is always a hurdle, no?

3) What inspires you to write?

Firstly, writing has always been a sort of an emotional outlet for me. Whenever I am down or whenever I am too happy; I write. Even two or three lines of Poetry is a good outlet for what you are currently feeling. I think adding together all those lines in a book was not the target but it eventually happened for me. Even if you go through my writing, you will find me comparing things with nature though, it is a murder mystery yet it is full of similes and metaphors because these are the things I have written throughout my life so you will find these things in my novel.

Secondly, I always like logical stuff. So, whenever I read a Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon or Agatha Christie’s work for that matter, it inspired me and made me think that I can also write such logical stuff which will allow the readers to think ‘Who is it?’ So this was my second inspiration- to make the reader think.

4) So, you do write poems?

Yeah, actually I do. You will find some of it in my book as well.

5) Who exactly is your writing inspiration?

It is ‘The Dan Brown.’ When I read ‘Digital fortress’, I think I was 19 or 20 at that time and I did my engineering in Computer science so the idea that he was a college professor and had nothing to do with computer and did so much research in cryptology to come up with a book that is based on cryptics and all was amazing and inspired me a lot. But then he overshadowed that book by ‘Angels and Demons’ and ‘The Vinci Code’, so he is a very big inspiration to me.

6) What would you like to tell about your book?

‘Murder in a minute’ is all about getting trapped- getting trapped by fears, by emotions, by love. Unanswered love can actually breed unspeakable acts- this is the central theme of the book where love did not take you to places you hope it would and that is the motive for the murder. Now, this murder actually happens in a closed room and all the people around are suspects because some way or the other greed, ambition, deflection, deceit and so many other things come into play that makes everyone a suspect. To think, to understand who actually did it- is the actual challenge for the readers. All the clues are there. So, all the readers who have read my book, in the end, understood that all the clues are given inside the book that they couldn’t catch and if you can do that, in the end, you will feel good about yourself.

It is a ‘Who has done it?’ novel but with 2-3 layers of reasoning that are required in this.

That sounds really intriguing, isn’t it?

7) Are you currently working on another project?

Yes, I am. ‘Murder in a minute’ will be followed by another novel, which will be its sequel and I have already started working on it; first and last chapters are done already. I just have to be through the middle layers, now. Actually, this is a four-novel series that I have planned for myself, which you will find by the end of this book only.

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