Indian Wedding Is My Favourite Wedding Celebration. Here’s Why?

Here Is What Makes Indian Wedding, The Favourite Celebration Of Mine.

Indian weddings are full of “Tadka” and “Sweets”, a magnificent bunch of traditions and rituals under one roof with several ceremonies and a huge toll of guests. It’s exhilarating and fun to attend an Indian wedding, from the decked halls to the conventional customs, all making the wedding an ocean of celebrations.

Here Are My Favourite 6 Things Which Makes Indian Wedding More Exciting:

1. Late night gossip sessions

Who has to sleep when the “Rishtedaars” are all around, where cousins and friends take the spot of sharing the tips about marriages and teasing each other by reviving the childhood memories with some fun games they play altogether. One of the best moment of Indian weddings.

Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding Gossip Sessions.

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2. Ethnic attires

Indian wedding means something traditional is on the way, then who can take chances in case of outfits. Especially, the women wear, and the never ending  the confusion of saree, lehenga, heavy suits, anarkalis, matching accessories and so on. Where as the boys have a clear choices of attires.

Indian Wedding
Ethnic Attires.

3. Sangeet war between ladkawala and ladkiwala’s

An Indian wedding culture is incomplete without dance, when it’s about beat of dhols or bang music of DJ, where no one competes to lose the challenge. The only war with love and enjoyment in the language of dance and music. Sangeet is said to be the most beautiful war in any Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding
Sangeet In Indian Wedding.

4. Unique rituals

Who can forget about the Indian wedding traditions and customs? Indian marriages are known for their rituals, “reet and rivaz“, where the haldi and mehndi embrace the beauty of the bride and brings the natural glow in the town.

Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding Rituals.

5. A long queue in the parlour

Rush and rush all around when the night reaches the floor of the wedding with a long queue of ladies waiting for the turn to set on the fire.  The familiar chants, “my eyeliner is still wet”, “hook my saree fast”, “I want a bun with this dress”, “am I looking fat?”, “my makeup is loud or fine?“. And yes, an Indian wedding is incomplete without this.

Indian Wedding

6. Bidai sessions

Lots of tears fall down when it’s time to say ‘bye’, where elders make their eyes wet, but another side a group of cousins giggle in such sessions, because they don’t know how to say bye with tears and that’s the best part, they make the bidai sessions a happening one.

Indian Wedding
Bidai sessions

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Tell us some more things that bring excitement in Indian weddings in the comments below! What is your most favourite part of an Indian Wedding?