Indian Videos That Made Our 2017 Hilariously Amazing

2017 was the year of weird trends. It was the year that gave us some amazingly weird videos to laugh on.

Demonetization Uncle

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His one sentence summed up my entire life experience.

Solid Body – Sapna Chaudhary

And of course, Big Boss.

Moh Wale Uncle

The best way of saying goodbye to your ex? Just Moh :*

Gormint Aunty

Pause…Sigh…Feminism. Women finally started expressing their feelings.

Nasir Khan Jan

If you watched that, I am sorry. I know you will never be able to eat lollipop the same way.

Dhinchak Pooja and Omprakash Mishra

Pooja is my favourite because “Dilo Ka Shooter Hai Mera Scooter“. Who is yours?


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When they ask me why do I eat pizza, “Bhut Bhayankar Nasha Hota Hai, Daaru Se Bhi Bhayankar

Nagar Palika Wala

Watching my confidence fall, I am just like “Arey Bhai Bhai Bhai“.

Raja Raja Kareja Mein Samaja

I told my boyfriend we would play this on our suhaagraat, he broke up with me 🙁

Make Joke Of

Which one of these was your favourite? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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