10 Indian Short Films To Watch On Youtube

Our love for films is no more limited to the big screen. Our talented storytellers are using every channel to tell us gripping stories. One such platform is YouTube, which is providing us free content and high dosage of entertainment. With no restriction of the genre, we taste spice to sweet and bitter to sour. Few YouTube channels are famous for their films and few are garnering eyeballs with its star-cast and directors.

We have compiled a list of few simple, intriguing, pleasing and best Indian short films from various genres and different channels of YouTube you should not miss:

1. Lift

Humara Movie presents a love story, which bloomed, withered and bloomed again from the fallen petals. The season of many, directed by Ida Ali, and portrayed by brilliant actors Ananya Sharma (Tanya) and Pavail Gulati (Arjun) touched 5.9M hearts. Do you want to fall in love with the love story of this generation? Why don’t you click the play button?

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2. Special Dish

Expression! This ten (10) letter word is important to sustain four (4) letter word, Love. Grinding and craving for own-space, we forget to emote our emotions in a way it touches the one waiting. A homemaker who makes her own space in the world of netizens still craves to receive a compliment for ‘Special Dish’. Journey from uninteresting compliment, good, to only compliment good is flavor of Magic Hour Creations Mumbai.

3. 72 Kg

A 3-minute product of Color Media Factory is simple yet thought-provoking. It narrates the importance of helping in a right way which is more important than helping for a moment. How more than providing food to need is important than making them capable to buy food. This award-winning short film shot through a phone lens is a low budget magic.

4. Pressure Cooker

The story of an era, where changing commodities has a lot to do with attachments. A warm depiction of homemaker’s story, whose novelty towards modernizing and changing sexuality through a kitchen appliance is another gem of Humara Movie. Will she bow down to attraction or find love in the old land?

5. What’s wrong

Have you wondered what runs in the mind of a silently suffering person? ‘What’s wrong’ is an inside life of a person suffering from Mental Illness. This is a story presented by Skadoosh films in association with Asra to spread awareness on mental illness. This will help you to identify one in need and that might be you too.

6. The Dinner

Getting married? Did you have the most important conversation with your partner? More important than ‘how you have planned your life together’, it is important to know their view on relationships. Their views on sex, infidelity, fidelity and marriage. Are you compatible on root level? This is another toy from the kitty of Humara Movie.

7. Have you met you

Produced, Directed and acted by Karan Wahi it is an intelligent depiction of how you can change your life by looking through another perspective. Sehban Azmi who played along Karan has best philosophy of life you must better incorporate for a bright life.

8. This Bloody Line

After a brilliant story like Neerja, Ram Madhvani presented us an insight into the retired life of Sir Cyril Radcliffe who is still blamed for The Radcliffe Line. The Line of Partition, which still shedders insanity and flows blood. This film narrates the morning where fiction and deemed facts are discussed with a re-imaginable time. After 20 years, a retired lawyer has most tormented conversation over disrupter history with his wife over a non-empathetic news article.

9. Anukul

Another presentation of future by ‘Large Short Films’ is directed by Sujoy Ghosh. Inspired by Satyajit Ray’s short story, Ghosh time travels us into the future where Robots become companion to lonely householders. Story has a griping narration of Robotic Rights and the cost we should pay for it.

10. Tea Spoon

Candid Creations presents a Molotov Cocktail with a disturbing end. Story of a Paralytic father-in-law, wife and husband whose lives stayed same every day; but every day cannot be same. One dark morning, teaspoon lost its rhythm and home went silent. Calling stopped and cribbing ended in tears. Who killed whom?

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This weekend spend your time watching these Indian short films on youtube and let us know whether you enjoyed or not in the comments below!