10 Things Every Middle Class Indian Can Relate To

Below are 10 Indian Middle Class Things Every Middle Class Indian will relate to:

1. Squeezing The Toothpaste Tube. Deserves To Top The Indian Middle Class Things.

Indian Middle Class Things
Cause’ not even a drop should Escape.

2. Cold Drink Bottles Are Used Water Bottles

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And that first time filling water in these bottles and having cold drink ka ‘halka halka’ flavor.

3. Buying One Size Larger Clothes So That They Fit You Forever.

Indian Middle Class Things
And stuffing cotton in huge shoes

4. You Know Guests Are Arriving When The Crockery Set is Out.

Indian Middle Class Things
And ‘Kaanch Ke Glass Main Paani’ makes us super conscious.

5. That One Plastic Bag That Has All The Other Plastic Bags.

Indian Middle Class Things
Every Carried Electronic gadget in ‘Sanju Saree Shop’ bags?

6. Not Removing Plastic From New Electronics.

Indian Middle Class Things
Cause that’s exactly how Indian Parents keep new stuff brand new forever.

7. When You Lose Your School Bottle, Sweater, Or Jacket.

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If you have ever lost a Tupperware product, you have definitely witnessed the scariest side of your mom.

8. Carrying Hotel Soaps and Shampoos along with you when you travel back home.

Indian Middle Class Things
It’s not my fault, they smell magic, okay?

9. Not using all the gifts you get, so that you can pass them on.

Mummy makes sure that the same person who gifted us the gift is not given the same gift.

10. The Cycle Of Clothes

Indian Middle Class ThingsIndian Middle Class Things
R.I.P My favorite T-shirt. You gave us a great service.

Weren’t these relatable? Let us know down in the comment box the most middle-class Indian thing you’ve done.

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