Things You Relate To, If You Belong To An Indian Middle Class Joint Family

Indian Middle-Class Joint Family

Greetings to those who came home for holidays, and to those who never flew from the nest. Festival is the time where families come together and that entire relative batch in hibernation walk into your cave with sweet boxes. Your living room transforms into an exhibition of success stories, gossips, banters, pampers, gifts, under wrap silent glares, kids rolling and lots of fun. This is a one-day party for a nuclear family, but for those in Indian middle class joint family, this is like a daily serial. It runs every day. Joint families categorized, as the middle class is more.

You will relate to the following points if you are from Indian middle class joint family:

1. House-full

It is so common for 15 people to live in a two-bedroom apartment. Sharing one room with other four, and no couch in living room is empty to sit like an owl. Your wardrobe is shared by others. The best part is you get to wear a variety of clothes if you find others of your size. You get to wear new clothes every day without shopping!

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

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2. No vacancy

Hurried mornings are hard because there will be no space to get ready. Forget about washrooms. Whichever door you knock, it will be full. An early start can be stamped as late.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

3. Privacy?

What are you talking about? Privacy is not in the dictionary of Indian Middle class joint family. Forget about a boyfriend, you will not have space to talk to the best friend; because every corner is filled with a person. Sitting peacefully to spend some time alone is only when you are asleep.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

4. Weekends

To make the weekend plans work, everyone should be free. Even if one is missing, there is no plan to execute. If you plan to eat out, you need to book half a restaurant.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

5. Party all night

Living in a joint family is an everyday celebration. Simultaneous plans at home, chatting whole night, singing songs, business, caroms, monopoly, Ludo, Snake-ladder and many more.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

6. Chaos

People talking in a single room, not about one matter, but diverse topics and not agreeing on point creates chaos. Kids jumping, playing and crying while elders resting off their week’s work is a contradicting place to stay.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

7. Wholesale

Shopping is never for one. If you buy for yourself, you need to buy for your sisters, brother and cousins. Retail holes the pocket, so discounts and wholesale is the only option left.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

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8. Chefs! 

You get to taste different food items cooked at home. One day by mom, other days by Masi, another day by Chachi and traditional foods by Dadi. Yum! Diverse taste food will definitely not bore you.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

9. Cousins = Best Friends 

Just imagine living with best friends’ whole day. Living with someone 24X7 whom you can do mischievous things, Pyjama parties, movie nights and much more without asking for permissions.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

10. Gossip

You have a lot to gossip with your cousins. Occupying one room, sharing gossips of each other’s college and stories you missed witnessing at home is a gossip party.

11. Bullies?

A number of bodyguards you have at home are enough to scare someone to comment on you. One complaint is equal to numerous punches on the bully.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

12. Road-trips

Unplanned road-trips have a bunch of vehicles to accommodate anyone. Apparently, you own a convoy. Actually, mini-van is best; because that is the only vehicle, the whole family can fit in.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

13. Celebrity 

Everyone at your place knows you. Friends of yours parents, your Tayiji’s friend’s friend, your cousin’s friends parents, like everyone. Even those persons know you, whom you have never met.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

14. Permissions

If you want to go out, permission granted by your parents is not enough, your aunts, uncles, and grandparents should grant permission for your plans.

15. All for one, one for all

Although there are fights, disagreements, and arguments; when one person gets hurt, several eyes bleed, and hands care. No one will sleep in peace if anyone is in trouble. That is what family is all about – All for one and one for all.

Indian Middle Class Joint Family

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What are your experiences of living in an Indian middle class joint family? Share with us in the comments below!