5 Instances When Indian Media Made Us Laugh Over Them

indian media

Indian Media: The most reliable and the most trusted source to get information. Whether it be news channels or newspapers, we people believe anything and everything they show us.

But do they actually demonstrate the reality? Is their news to the point? Are the reports true? Is the information even required? I mean is there any relevance or does it make any sense?

Let’s take a look over some of the following news headlines by Indian Media which definitely tickle your belly:

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1.Delhi commissioner’s Dog found.

indian media

News channel showcasing the news of a dog being found. Are you running a dog show? Taking auditions for the dogs of renowned personalities? What public has to do with the dog??

2. The name is Bond, James Rodriguez.

indian media

Trying Hollywood dialogues? “Bond, James Bond”. But atleast try to make sense. Giving a news headline, trying to be cool, but atleast first be relevant, No?

3. Lack of editors, I guess?

indian media

Giving tribute to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the MOON. But the newspaper published first man on the “man”. Are you giving a Tribute to the First Gay person? Get it, straight guys. There is a big difference between a Man and Moon.

4. Begging or threatening in the name of God?

indian media

Seriously? What is this headline? Why don’t you put a news that is informative? Every time, catching the eye should not the only goal. Be more genuine to the audience.

5. Exaggerating the caste system.

indian media

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This is the recent news, you all have come across. A school teacher’s son scored 360/360 in JEE Mains. But the media never keeps it that simple. School teacher’s Son, A Dalit. Why are you showcasing what caste he belonged to? Has his caste something to do with his scores? Here, we citizens are fighting for equality, justice, indiscriminate India but the media is actually bringing in the difference.

Media is an invention to spread information, bring people together, Give knowledge about the current affairs, what is going around the world. But the media is not working the way it should. Relevant, genuine, Honest, Original and sincere news should be the main focus. Don’t ignore the focus just to catch the eyes.

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