Indian Newspapers And Their Political Biasing

India, being the largest democracy with largest number of voters  is also the land of most daily publications. Be it TOI, Hindustan Times or the Hindu, the media houses have an ample amount of readers in the country and are quite famous for their fast reporting. Indian newspapers and their political biasing is fairly evident.

Are They Biased?

Yes. If we understand and get into the holding structures of various groups, it would be quite easy for us to reason out and justify the political biasing each of the following newspapers have.


Indian newspapers and their political biasing

To begin with, TOI is the largest selling English daily of India and was ranked among top 6 best newspapers of the world in 1991 by BBC. Generally they are referred to as unbiased newspaper but if we look deeply towards its editorial and mainly columns, we can find it being more Pro-congress. Apart from their political biasing, people even accuse TOI to favour corporates and wealthy people.

The Hindu.Indian newspapers and their political biasing

A left wing newspaper, but they mostly gain their audience from their good content styles and analysis. The Hindu is well known for their good quality of news and proper publications. They also have some of the best columnists of nation and is one of the most read newspapers of India. Apart from being stamped as a leftist newspaper, The Hindu is also said to be a bit Pro DMK in Tamil nadu.

Hindustan Times.

Indian newspapers and their political biasing

HT is Congress which is not much surprising as their owner Shobhana Bhartia, is a rajya sabha MP, who was nominated by UPA led government back in 2006. Getting into their holding structure and various people sitting on higher positions, pro-congress alignment can be easily justified.

The Pioneer

Being run by Editor Chandan Mitra who is a BJP Rajya Sabha MP, there are no doubts the The Pioneer is a Pro BJP newspaper. Even several columnists writing for them are believed to write pro bjp content.

The Indian Express

Previously Known as the newspaper of the establishment, The Indian Express slowly turned into Pro congress . The newspaper is also believed to support corporates and richer industrialists. Interestingly the other group (named as The New Indian Express) leans towards right.

Indian newspapers and their political biasing is not only evident but harmful for the growth of the nation. What are your views about it?

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