Independence Day: A binge watch to the diversity

It is my binge watch to the diversity which my nation claims as unity.

I am born and brought up in a culture, where acceptance to everything is a ritual. All my lifetime of 20 years and then a modest rule of literature following Indian society of living I was segregated as Christian and followed it like any other Indian. This society enhanced the girl in me, bringing the rules created by humans and I nurtured them.

An Indian girl with Christian beliefs, grown up as a human.” I say this to me now.

Despite of a known fact that, this is all hollowness, I stood up as an Indian. 10 years of learning hymns and placing myself in choir was a part of the diversity where this was indulged with a little gurbani and some adaab, which claimed unity. I was taught manners of greets and the process of serving on plates. Since I was grown up to an environment which repeated a slogan of “its 21st century” and I was flown to dedicate myself. I realized it later, a truth- It’s 21st century with minds that say no changes. It’s the boundaries that were created with rhymes of caste, creed and color. Truth is that the diversity remains the same hiding behind the face of unity as they say.

Religions are the sections of different class in the school of India. Where the minds segregated the living in the religions they were born in. “So you’re Muslim”, I heard this from my teachers and classmates when Arfa introduced herself. When Ornella was new to the class, I remember a dear friend of her now asked her “so you’re from North east? Which part?”, with a curiosity of knowing if she can fit. Words emasculate humans. They ask us if we can stand as Indians or as the religion we are born into.

When religions could not stand the area of upliftment they categorized it as beliefs. So when the world termed it as religious belief Indians have it segregated as religion and belief. A million of times I was asked  “are you catheloic?”, because that’s a belief. There are beliefs of Jains and Buddisht and Biharis and Bengalis which come under the section of Hinduism. There are beliefs of Shias and Sunnis which are under the roof of Muslim.

Below the line of asking about your religion there is another term called complexion we use to justify the beauty. Jane Austen, an English writer wrote, “Do anything rather than marry without affection.” For the Indian culture it has to be a fair complexion since that’s beautiful. That’s how successful marriages are decided. That’s how the beauty is accomplished i.e. having a white skin.

Meritorious or mean based, the government seeks the class with a proper caste. The files on a bankers desk with loan rejection contain a red marked area which says scheduled caste or scheduled tribe. Indeed, there is no change but our government shouts encouragement. Subject is changed and words are pronounced as empowerment. But the headlines in their mind states “not to the lower caste.”

CNT act is the acknowledgement they created with that another rule of banishment. When it isn’t free on the lands of our own, we binge watch to the diversity with the mugged up phrase of “unity in diversity.”

I want to change. A lie that we always said, “India, a nation where unity lies in the diversity.”