Incredible Facts That Sound Like BS But Are Actually True

incredible facts
incredible facts

Incredible facts

We all come forward several facts we never heard of. Here, We are presenting top 10 incredible facts that sound like a complete bullshit, but are actually true.

1.) The founder of lost his girlfriend to a guy she met on

incredible facts

2.) Did you know that the Polish army enlisted a bear into their army during the second world war? 

  incredible facts

Wojtek, a Syrian beer was purchased by polish army during World War II and was officially enlisted as soldier in polish army.

After retirement the beer was kept in Edinburgh Zoo.

3.)The most EASTERN (and western and northern) state in the United States is Alaska.

incredible facts

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Yeah. Was this the cause of Deal between Russia and States?

4.) Is Greenland Larger Than Austrailia?

incredible facts

The above image makes Greenland look much larger than Australia, while in reality, Australia is nearly three-and-a-half times larger then Greenland. Similarly, distances are also distorted and places in the higher latitudes are closer than depicted in the image.

Although not perfect, a better way of visualizing distances in a projection of the globe is using equal-image projections.

Here’s how the world looks when you use an equal image projection

5.) You and I are only 0.1% different genetically

incredible facts

Chimpanzees, our closest living relatives, are only about 1.2% different from us [2].

6.)  There is a lizard found in Kenya which looks like this:

incredible facts

Spiderman. Be Jealous.

7.) Prime-Minister, for a few minutes:

incredible facts


Ask anyone around for the shortest Prime-Ministerial tenure, and you will hear people answering, from a few months to a few days. But, indeed the actual shortest tenure was for a mere few minutes.

Name : Ratu Tevita Momoedonu
Location : Fiji
Date : May 27, 2000

8.) There’s a nuclear bomb lost somewhere in the swampy coast of Georgia.

incredible facts

In 1958, a Mark-15 warhead, packing about 2 Megatons, was jettisoned by a B-47 Bomber when it collided with an F-86 fighter plane. The F-86 fighter pilot ejected and landed safely while the B-47 made an emergency landing. An extensive search was made but the bomb was never recovered.

9.) While sitting still on a chair ,we are moving with a velocity of 3 million km/hr!!!

incredible facts

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When, after a long day of running around, you finally find the time to relax in your favorite armchair, nothing seems easier than just sitting still. But have you ever considered how fast you are really moving when it seems you are not moving at all?

10.) The distance between Earth and the Moon is enough to fit all the planets in the solar system!

incredible facts

And then too, you will still have space left!


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