What’s Wrong With Us? What Are The Reasons For Increasing Rape Cases In India?

We are almost in the middle of 2017, celebrating the occasions, greeting and wishing everyone. But What about increasing rape cases in India?

This time it is 2017, next it will be 2018 then 2019 and so on. But no new years or festivals can bring any glory to India until the society changes its views. Until today multiple numbers of articles would have been published on this same topic yet there is negligible effect on the behavior of our countrymen. Sexual assaults, rape, molestation, increasing at a great pace. Whether it is 2001 or 2017, women still do not feel safe when it is dark. Even the surveillance authorities are not trustworthy. In some cases, criminals are only disguised as safe keepers who take you to a place in the name of safety and Boom! Harassment begins.

increasing rape cases in India

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Same women who are worshiped as goddesses at home are molested on the street and in buses. Car cabs were introduced for safety but it happens only when she reaches home safely. So many rape cases take place in these cabs and taxis only. We say we cry for feminism but what have we actually gained? Just increasing the number of rapes in India and fewer girls being allowed to leave home, whether for studying or partying.

Yes, we are protected from the international terrors because of our soldiers. My brothers are always there at boundaries in worse weather conditions for what? For our safety. But what about the dirt which is within the boundaries? Who is there to protect us from those monsters? Yes, monsters! Not every girl can be like Akira as she was in the movie.

increasing rape cases in India

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There is not a single person who would not have heard about the increasing rape cases in India. They see the molesters roaming freely and this encourages those bastards to harass others because they know the government or the people won’t take any action.

increasing rape cases in India

Then I believe there would be very few girls who have not received any threat from a stranger. Those are the girls who are dependent on their fathers or brothers or the one who usually stay at home. The ones who have suffered know how it feels, the cheap comments followed by catcalling which boys enjoy, stopping a girl’s vehicle and trying to touch or nudge them.

How can I even think of a new year to be happy when all these thoughts never escape my mind?

We need to do something about increasing rape cases in India. drop Your Views In The Comments Below.