10 Times Indian Advertisements Proved They Are Illogical And Funny At The Same Time

funny indian ads

There is something with our Indian Cinema. Logic and scripts are like the railway lines, Never go hand in hand. Talking about advertisements or commercials made, the storyline was chosen has nothing to do with the product to be sold. Moreover, the advertisements are so weird and irritating that you can’t resist switching to another channel.

Here is a list of the worst advertisements of India, Have a look:


An actress comes from nowhere and asks you, “kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?” and this list of ingredients goes on to “Nimboo”, “Neem”, “Charcoal” and what not!

No, Ma’am, we prefer chat masala in our toothpaste, wanna try?


They ask to use your toilet and then end up giving you challenges. Who keeps acid bottles on the tank?

Who keeps acid bottles on the tank?


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Aur bhai kya chal raha hai?

Don’t know how “fogg chal raha hai” could be the answer?

Chal raha hai. Kaha tak pahunch gaya??


Its Tagline~ “Muh mein Rajnigandha kadamon mein Duniya”

It means You don’t need to study, work hard or make a career.

Just take this Rajnigandha packet, empty it in your mouth with style and…

Boom! You are famous!

*no claps please*


This advertisement starring Saif Ali Khan, running in a vest. Not actually running, dancing, kicking, jumping and doing all the ridiculous things still wins ‘Bade aaraam se’. What is Vest’s role in it?


This new Advertisement.

“Samosa khaane se tera pet badhega paisa nhi”

*Shit man, I always ate samosa to increase my money*

And what has mutual funds to do with samosa? *Sahi hai yaar*


Cricket coach saying “Celerio nhi hu main”

Does that mean we should take cricket coaching from celerio?

Kya Logic hai bhai?

8. Airtel 4G

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Talking about worst advertisements, how can you forget that 4G Girl. India’s Fastest network, 4G challenge and what not. The advertisement might not be irritating but that girl definitely is.


And then this ad. A man sprays a perfume and all the girls get attracted to him. Well, Does that really happens? You think? You believe? Why do you make such ads? So Impractical!


No, you can’t miss this in the list. A dentist sitting and telling you what jhan-jhnaa-hat is. Apply Sensodyne and now you can eat gulaab jamun and ice creams. Wow.! What about health and cavities?

*Claps Please*

So, these were some of the weird advertisements made in India. Trust me these are ‘SOME’ There are many more like this. And you can never understand what purpose and what ideology they are based on. If you know more such advertisements like these, Let us know in the comment section below.

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