Why Do I Need To Wonder That If I Was A Boy, My Life Would Have Been A Lot Easy?

if i was a boy

Why? Why do I have that insecure feeling?
Why do I need to wonder that if I was a boy my life would be easy?
Why when I walk down the street,
in my favourite skirt or jeans,
you look hungrily at my legs,
like they’re the pieces of meat?
Why do I have to cover myself up?

if i was a boy
Why do you look at my bosom when  I wear that
Why do you give that damn stare?
Why that teasing look when I open my hair?
Why do I need to stay quiet?
Why am I blamed when it’s not my fault?
Why do I have to stay back home after eight?
I’m sorry, I am a girl. I shouldn’t be out so late.
I understand. But why all the time do I feel so unsafe?
Why discrimination? Why such hypocrisy?
We’re a human being and half the society.

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Why? When it was a woman who gave birth to a man,
The Almighty thinks of himself as a man.
Hu’man’ , ‘Man’kind, Wo’man’ , We were basically a sideline from the big bang.
Why when I walk by the door, you want to touch me?
Why when I raise my voice, you want to shut me?
Why when you know I’m independent and free,
You want to take away my liberties?
Why?if i was a boyOkay, forget about the questions I asked.
Forget about everything I said.
Just think of me. Look at me.
What did you see?
You see another human being.
You see another you in me.
Just someone who needs to be treated the way you need.
I’m a woman. But first a human being.
I’m a mother, daughter, sister and a prostitute.
I’m whatever I want to be.
But first, just another human being.

Why do I need to wonder that if I was a boy my life would be easy?