The Idiosyncrasy Of Indian Media

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On 12th April, 2017 the netizens of India awoke to a trending piece of news flash that had conquered their social media feeds.

Various leading news outlets such as the India Today, The Times group’s India times, MensXP etc joined the fray to report the trending news on their websites.

The catchy Headlines read,

“Yogi Adithyanath does the Impossible: Abolishes caste based reservation quotas in private medical and dental colleges of UP”.

The Honorable CM of UP, Yogi Adithyanath.

The spectrum of Indian citizens soon began to express their views and thoughts on the matter.

While many commended the chief minister for his decision. A minuscule faction of people labeled the move as a matter of communal interest.

However, It soon came to light that the news doing the rounds was nothing but a hullabaloo. Yet another instance of bogus news fabrication and propagation.

V.N. Tripathi, the director general of medical education, told the Times of India that, “Reservation was never a part of the admission process in private sector medical and dental colleges as per the prevalent policy made in 2006. There has been no change in any policy whatsoever.”

Nonetheless, the entire fiasco revealed the peculiar functioning of the Indian news reporting systems. Which is least to say, extremely pathetic.

Biased and opinionated reporting, favoring a set of political parties is now on the forefront. Gone are the blissful days of credible headlines and breaking news that would do the job of enlightening the citizens on the goings of the world.

It’s high time for the media to respect the paramount faith that their audience has placed in them. To report news without verifying its authenticity goes against the ethos of journalism.

The power of journalism lies in the ability to influence and shape the opinions and judgement of the society. Erroneous use of this power leads to the disruption of harmony and thus the balance in the society.

What remains to be seen is if whether this entire debacle changes the direction of the Indian media outlets towards the path of genuine and unbiased reporting.

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