9 Ideas For A Romantic Date Which Are Unique And Different

When it comes to dates most of the people fail to figure out the ideas for a romantic date. Usually, people end up taking their partners to an expensive restaurant, movies, dinners etc and we keep on repeating this. While there’s nothing wrong with those types of dates, don’t you think it’s common now! 

I think, not all romantic dates have to involve grand gestures or a lot of money—they just require a little creativity. Dates never meant, always having dinners, watching movies and spending money. An ideal date is what makes you feel closer to your partner.

Here are few ideas for a romantic date which will make your day a special one:

1. Exotic terrace 

Most of the people turn their terraces into storerooms, while on other hand people make their terraces into beautiful gardens. Why not we turn them into an exotic date place. What to do?

Take out those decorative lights which you use only during the festive season, lighten up the entire terrace. You can use candles too.

For a cosy night, use your trekking tents or bedding and fall asleep with your love “under the sky full of stars”

Ideas for a romantic date

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2. Long walks over Long drives

Everybody like Long drives. Did you ever think of long walks? Imagine your love walking with you holding your hand, breeze falling over your faces. Sounds romantic, isn’t it?

Go roam around the city and have ice creams, shakes etc. Try anything, any vendor you find on the roadside. Just enjoy the moment and find happiness in those pretty little things.

Ideas for a romantic date

3. Cook for your partner

It’s said that “anyone can take you to a fancy restaurant but only a true lover will cook for you”. And especially if you are a boy, try your hands on cooking. Trust me, your girl is going to love that. It’s a sweet gesture to show that you care for her and she means a lot.

You can bake a cake, make a salad, egg curries, even Maggi can do wonders. Have your brunch, lunch or dinner sitting in your garden, balcony or rooftop. It will add a view, just like icing on the cake.

Ideas for a romantic date

4. Balcony hall

Set up your balcony with bedding, lights, drinks, popcorn, chips etc and your personal movie hall is ready. Watch any movie you like, Cuddle each other, get cosy. Do anything you like, nobody’s watching you.

Ideas for a romantic date

5. Bicycle Rides

Instead of any old biking excursion, roam on bicycles. It will take you back to your childhood and you will definitely get some childhood memories to talk and laugh over.

You will feel more bonded to your partner.

Ideas for a romantic date

6. Picnic day

On a sunny and delightful day, pack your mats, scrabble, badminton, hats and some snacks and drinks. Go to a park or garden, play your favourite games, talk a lot, click pictures, enjoy snacks and most importantly enjoy each other’s company. Cherish your moments & togetherness and make memories.

Simple and Romantic, isn’t it?

Ideas for a romantic date

7. Get set with the rain

What else is more romantic than enjoying rain with your partner. On a rainy day get out of your bed and go for a walk.

And yes, Don’t forget that “tapri ki chai”

Ideas for a romantic date

8. Swimming dates

Swimming is the best way to chill in hot summers. Each and every person who knows swimming will never deny to a swimming date and when it comes to swimming with your bae who will not enjoy that!

It will be romantic as well as increase your intimacy level with your partner!

Ideas for a romantic date

9. Go to zoo

If your partner is an animal lover and loves clicking animals and seeing them then take them to visit a zoo.

Walk hands in hands, see birds chirping, monkeys playing and deer’s running.

Ideas for a romantic date

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These are the few creative date ideas for couples, which don’t require any expensive budget and can make your lover feel special. Try these romantic date ideas for her and thank us later.

Happy dating! 🙂