Take This Quiz To Find Your Ideal Male Partner From Harry Potter?

If you’re a female who wants to know which man from the Harry Potter Universe is best suited for you, take this test and note down your answers as you go along the quiz!

I. What is your hobby?

a) Playing a sport
b) Sleeping
c) Being with nature
d) Having fun with friends
e) Spending time with family
f) Grooming yourself
g) Doing various social and co-curricular activities
h) Being the leader of your girl gang

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II. What would be your ideal date?

a) Watching a live concert or match
b) Eating lots of food together and cuddling
c) A picnic on the mountains
d) Doing something crazy and outrageously fun together
e) A comfortable movie night with popcorn and drinks
f) A fancy date on a cruise
g) Exploring quaint places and eating at cute cafes
h) A rich candlelight dinner

III. What is the one quality your ideal partner should have?

a) Bravery
b) Loyalty
c) A caring manner
d) A sense of humour
e) Maturity
f) Charm and confidence
g) Chivalry and respectfulness
h) A bad boy with a soft heart

IV. What do you first notice in a man?

a) His reputation
b) His nature
c) His manners
d) His sense of humour
e) His behaviour with you
f) His background and style
g) His looks and charm
h) His wealth and position

V. How are you most likely to meet your partner?

a) Both of you catch each other doing something forbidden and bond over it.
b) He says something cute and you laugh, then both of you spend a lot of time together talking.
c) He is the quiet, nice boy and you approach him because you know he is shy but adore his shyness anyway.
d) He is fooling around when he catches your eye and then he approaches you in the funniest, most unique way ever which you can’t refuse.
e) He is intelligent and respectful and older than you, and you can’t stop feeling attracted to him.
f) He is the most charming and good looking guy around. He manages to make you fall head over heels in love with him.
g) He is the most sought-after boy in the entire school but also the nicest person and you bond over conversations.
h) He is the ultimate bad boy but you lose your heart to him after he shows you his soft side.

VI. Who is your favourite creature from the HP universe?

a) Patronuses
b) Elves
c) Magical plants
d) Ghosts
e) Werewolves
f) Huge dogs
g) Dragons
h) Unicorns

And Now-

– If you got mostly A’s: Your ideal partner is Harry Potter, the boy who lived!

– If you got mostly B’s:
Your ideal partner is Ron Weasley, the most loyal friend one could ask for!

– If you got mostly C’s:
Your ideal partner is Neville Longbottom, quiet but fierce and silently strong.

– If you got mostly D’s:
Your ideal partner is Fred/George Weasley, the distributors of laughter and the ultimate pranksters!

– If you got mostly E’s:
Your ideal partner is Remus Lupin, a great wizard of maturity and talent.

– If you got mostly F’s:
Your ideal partner is Sirius Black, the charming and confident wizard who won over everyone’s hearts.

– If you got mostly G’s:
Your ideal partner is Cedric Diggory, the most handsome hero.

– If you got mostly H’s: Your ideal partner is Draco Malfoy, the ultimate bad boy with the soft edges.

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Which man from the Harry Potter Universe is best suited for you? Do let us know in the comments section below!