At an age of 14,my vagina bleeds
3 days,5 days,sometime for weeks
Every month an egg is made and broken
And till 40,the care of the stain is taken

My events are ruined, because dates arrive
And sometimes they come unnotified
I have to check for the overflow
Because that will ruin my dress in a go

I lie on bed dying in pain
Eating, stressing, running, everything affects the chain
It becomes hard for me to control my moods
And then they title me “Achhut”

They worship me in temples
And stop me from entering one
They seek my blessing on festivals
But treat me like impure if I bleed on one.

Every month I have to go through this pain
And if not this I spend nine months in vain
Sanitary is my problem to look after
But questioning me on purity is not yours.

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