Hyperloop in India: Land of Start-ups en route India’s first Hyperloop.


On June 2, 2014 Andhra Pradesh was separated from its chunk, including its most prestigious and highly built capital city, Hyderabad. Since then Hyderabad and Governor G. Narsimha Rao are playing their roles for two states and this will be continued for 10 years. AP has to build its capital city Amravati in this decade. Government under the leadership of Nara Chandra Babu Naidu promised to build a world-class capital. They are turning every stone upside down for this. And the most recent of it is Hyperloop.

One of their recent MoU signed with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc (HTT) by Andhra Pradesh economic Development Board (APEDB) schedules first Hyperloop project in India connecting Vijayawada and Amravati in AP. This fancy travel system assured to crunch time of travel to 5-6 minutes outshining the present transportation. It almost saves an hour of your journey.


Origin of Hyperloop

Hyperloop is innovation of US based HTT. It is invented by Tesla Founder Elon Musk whose whitepaper was published in 2013. It is still in trial stages in different countries. 25 engineers working on Hyperloop are Indians. Elon Musk started Hyperloop challenge for better designs and ideas. Our group of Indian students are making their mark.

How is Hyperloop different from the present transportation system of India?

Hyperloop is a low pressure transportation tube at a speed of 1200 km per hour. People will travel in pods in a partial vacuum tube. The tube which looks like a bullet runs free of friction. Indeed, revolution for next generation.


Cost of Project:

This project will unite public and private companies binding them in a partnership (PPP). It will cost between $200-250 million, i.e., Rs. 1300 – 1600 crore. Primarily funding is to be directed from private investors.    


HTT will build its first Hyperloop after 6 months’ feasibility study. In this feasibility study HTT will offer 4-5 possible routes for this project. Project commence in October this year.


  1. It is collateral solution to unemployment. It provides 2700 employments.
  2. Pendulum is on continuous swing making us run. It scrunches and saves time.
  3. The state known as land of start-ups will attract further investments.
  4. It will place AP on the map of technology, promoting innovations.
  5. It is meant to be cheaper for travelers and also to build. (I wonder! Will India make this cheap?)
  6. It is supposed to arrive frequently. (We need to wait and see. India’s plan may change.)
  7. It withstands quakes and crashes.
  8. It uses renewable energy.


  1. Technical glitches and malfunctions must be repaired in a sealed tunnel.
  2. Passenger cannot move and there will be no provision of restrooms. (For 5 minutes it is fine. If it is developed in other cities where travelling is scheduled to be 30 minutes then? *Think*)
  3. As it is an iron tube with 0 ventilation, it will vibrate.
  4. Andhra Pradesh with a fiscal deficit of Rs. 19,163 crores should make proper investment in this project. Any loop holes and corrupted materials will endanger lives.
  5. Procurement of land is another major hurdle as it will kill agricultural lands. In the advancement of technology our farmers will be left landless and we with decreased production of food.

Keeping aside Pros and Cons, Hyperloop is a fascinating project. Being an Andhrite I am excited for 2021. Are you excited about it? Drop your views in comments below.