How Will The World End According To Today’s Scenario?

how the world will end
how the world will end

How Will The World End?

We are warned. We are made aware of the disasters and yet we choose to ignore it. Today, the fact that we have been ignorant about our environment brought us to a stage which is horrifying. This makes me wonder how will the world end?

Here are some facts which will leave you stunned, and probably make you realize the level of degradation that has happened already.

Radioactive cloud detected over Europe after a Nuclear Leak

How will the world end

The fact that this cloud is harmless makes the situation better for us. Imagine what if it was harmful. The cloud of radioactive pollution spread over Europe after a possible “accident” at a nuclear facility in Russia or Kazakhstan, French nuclear safety officials confirmed on Friday.

Climate target too low and progress too slow

world end in 2017

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The world’s best-known climate scientist, says the world’s governments are ignoring the reality of climate change. The world must sharply draw down greenhouse gas emissions and suck billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air if today’s youth are to be spared climate cataclysm, James Hansen has warned. Are you ignorant as well?

NASA photo shows smog extent over North India

How will the world end

NASA’s Earth-observing satellite has captured the extent of smog over parts of North India and Pakistan. Captured on November 7, the natural-color image of haze and fog depicts airborne pollution over several major cities. The data from NASA that captured this trend shows that crop burning intensified on October 27, 29 and 31.

Cities Around The World Will Submerge Due To Climate Change

How will the world end

According to NASA, the ten cities that are most vulnerable include Tokyo, Port Moresby, Colombo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York. Indian Cities are also a part of this list, including Mangalore, Mumbai, Kakinada, Chittagong.

India becomes world’s top sulphur dioxide emitter

How will the world end

INDIA is overtaking China as the world’s largest emitter of human-caused sulphur dioxide (SO2), after its emissions rose by 50% since 2007, while the latter’s declined by 75% for the same period. SO2, mainly produced by coal-burning power plants, is an air pollutant that causes acid rain, haze, and many health-related problems.

Meanwhile, Instead of cutting down on exploitation, Humans have found some other form of solution for this. More like an alternative. Have a look

Potentially habitable world found just 11 light years away

How will the world end

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With everything that’s going on in the world today, you might be looking for an escape plan. A potentially habitable world, termed Ross 128 b, has been discovered just 11 light years away. It is roughly Earth-sized and orbits its parent star once every 9.9 days.

Though this is a very recent discovery, there is apparently a list of planets potentially habitable. Here are a few mentioned, Proxima Centauri b, Gliese 667 c, Kepler 442-b, Kepler 445-b and many more.

Now since you know How will the world end, what’s your plan? Taking care of the planet or abandoning it?