Spend Your Weekend The Good And Old-School Way. We’ll Tell You, How!

How to spend your weekend?
How to spend your weekend?

While weekends are the only motivation that keep you going from Monday to Friday; a lot of us often spend the days with just lazing around in bed and sleeping. Now, that is undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend the weekend, I have compiled a list which will help you with your how to spend your weekend quest; few things that you can do to enjoy your weekend and live the good ol’ days once again.

How to spend your weekend the good old way:

1. Play games

Call in a few friends and you are good to go. Take out the old dusty game boards that have been cooped deep in the closet since long. There are really endless options – Ludo, Checkers, Othello, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Uno, Cards; you name it. Also, there are always outdoor games to get your lazy ass moving – badminton, cricket, basketball, blah blah blah! In fact, just play the damn I spy (not ice-pice) or whatever. Bottom line – play, play and play!

2. Go for a bicycle ride

If you don’t own one, you can always rent one. There are even apps in the market like Pedl by Zoom Car that let you ride one for as cheap as 2 bucks for an hour. My personal tip – start at 6 in the morning, ride on for long. If there’s a forest or hilly region nearby where people go for bike riding, brownie points. And yeah, you will feel so much freshness and energy surge up your veins; the feeling is incredible.

3. Tidy up your home

Now, I know how all of us keep throwing stuff here and there, assuring ourselves ‘Weekend pe sab saaf kr dunga!’ but never do it, and the mess just keeps piling on. So, this weekend, just DO it. Arrange your closet, wash that dirty laundry, open the windows to let fresh air in. Gift yourself a better place to live.

4. Cook- for yourself

Prepare yourself a fancy meal. If you are not too much of a chef go to Google baba! Get some fine wine, put up your favourite music and enjoy your own company with the food that you love so much. Thank me later!

Wok cooking vegetable stir fry in a kitchen

5. Explore your city

Go on a little backpacking trip of your city. Don’t visit the cliché spots – you might just want to keep walking and see where the roads lead you. Eat the local delicacies and buy for yourself some art work. Be an explorer. I am sure something good and new would surely come up from the place you think you know very well.

6. Catch up with old pals

Now, I know you always remind yourself ‘Iss weekend pakka se call krunga friend ko!‘ and always end up cursing yourself for forgetting it yet again. No worries. Main hu na! Pick up that dear phone of yours and call up. Fix a time to catch up, and no, not for the upcoming weekend; isi hafte ke lie janab! And, thank me later. *wink*

A group of people sitting by the river and drinking beer in silhouette

By the way, my choice for this weekend is going for a bike ride. Pick up your favourite, do it and let us know in the comments section below.

Happy weekending! 

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