6 Hacks To Save Pocket Money Every College Going Needs To Know

I remember the days of boarding when my dad used to say “maintain a diary of your expenditure so that you save more.” Well, I tried this for a whole span of 10 years (or 2 more) and I ended up writing my name on the front page of that diary. Still. I couldn’t figure out how to save pocket money and lower my expenditure.

Well, nothing like this works with kids born lazy or those who have gone lazy, in short like us. What methods we used were some pathetic hacks though, but helped in saving money. Later I realised they worked according to the six senses.

So here are those hacks to tell you how to save pocket money:

1. LISTEN to I want that

It’s a psychological phenomenon (randomly invented) which states that you must have some big desire or want or need to control your mind that leads to saving. Freaking thought, isn’t it?

For example- if you plan to buy a phone you must stick that wish to your ears and whenever you feel like spending your money listen to the words that say I WANT THAT PHONE. The mind automatically takes you to that wish where you see yourself holding that phone (or whatever you wished), thereby, prohibiting you to spend.

How to save pocket money
How to save pocket money

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2. KNOW to say ‘No’

Dil ko kaabu krna zaruri hai. Must! Must! Must! It isn’t that tough to say no. Movie or shopping or hanging out, if you really wanna save – stick to the word NO. Words like let’s see, maybe, I’ll try, binds you to something. And gradually you tend to spend.

Give your answer as NO.

save pocket money
Save pocket money

3. SMELL IT sale hai?

It’s a great marketing strategy. College people have this insecurity of repeating their clothes or shoes (GIRLS). Fulfill your wants with the sale. Buy the necessary stuff from these sales so that you can have a great stock in your wardrobe.

How to save pocket money
How to save pocket money

4. FEEL – it’s month end

Another psychopathic thing I did in my college was to think that the month is going to end. I kept reminding myself about it and fortunately it always worked for me. I remember saving 1000 per month at least.

Month End
Month End

5. SEEK OUT for different places

How do you feel when you see 20 rupees coming out of your jeans pocket which you’re currently wearing. It’s heaven, all of us know that feeling.

Out of this incident, the hack of keeping money at different places can actually save a lot of money. The reason is we forget where we have kept it, so we don’t spend it. Later when we find the not so hidden amount, AHHHHHH the joy!

Pocket Money
Pocket Money

6. REACH if it’s in your range

Accept the fact, it’s pocket money. So spend it according to that. Teens and youngsters have got phobic of the social media that often drags them towards expensive food, places and wearable. Remind yourself that you are not yet earning and basically that’s not your money. Your bank balance still shows zero and keep yourself reminding this. It will surely make you spend less and save more.

Pocket Money
Pocket Money

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All the above hacks are tested and proven. Tell us some more in the comments below!