How To Prepare Yourself For Holi?

how to prepare yourself for holi

We all love Holi, no matter how messy it is. We just love playing with colours and water. Those ‘pichkaris’ and ‘pakke colours’ seem to be the basic elements of Holi. While every year we wish that our Holi turns out to be like ‘Balam Pichkari’ we all end up looking somewhat like colourful ghosts. To avoid that you need to be prepared. But how to prepare yourself for Holi?

This year, before going out to play Holi, follow this list to know how to prepare yourself for Holi:

1. Apply Nail Polish On Your Nails!

I am sure you all don’t want pink, purple and blue nails for the next 10-12 days. Don’t forget to apply nail paint. Boys can totally break the stereotype and apply some cute nail paints. And for all those boys out there who don’t want to apply colourful nail paint, just ask your mom, sister or girlfriend, or best friend for transparent nail polish. And girls, you can experiment with some cool and funky nail art. I have put one of my favourites over here, just for you.

2. Cover Your Phone In A Transparent Plastic Bag 

You never know when would someone shoot you with water balloons and empty an entire bucket of water by throwing it on you. Prepare yourself and your phones for Holi by putting them in a transparent plastic bag cause’ none of our phones are waterproof (Yeah those with ‘Mehenge’ phones will say “Humara toh Waterproof hai” but when they throw you in a tub, tab kya karoge?) Better be safe. Provide your phone protection. And if you have no clue how to cover your phone with a transparent plastic and still be able to use it, let me help you out.

Minus the part where he lets some air to stay inside, you can just literally wrap the plastic.

3. Oil Your Hair! 

I know, I know, oil sucks! Your ‘Holi Look’ will be ruined, but please, a ruined look is better than ruined hair. And also, you can try so many hairstyles while you got oil on your head. Boys, sticky hair gel will also do. And girls if you want to slay your oily hair look, I have a few hairstyles for you. Thank me later…

4. Body Lotion Is Important!

It is very important to put on body lotion while going out to play Holi, otherwise, it will be very difficult to get the colour off your body. I am sure you don’t want to look like Shrek, or Krishna Kanhaiyaan with your green or blue body colour. Make sure you put lotion which would create a protective layer preventing colour to stick to your skinAb lotion toh lagana aata hi hoga, there is no video to help you with that. Okay? Alternatively, you can be like all our desi people and apply some coconut or mustard oil all over your body, to be honest, it works better than body lotion.

How to prepare yourself for Holi - apply lotion

5. Choose Your Clothes Carefully 

So we all wanna wear white clothes like those people on TV shows and Movies do but obviously, we won’t (cause’ mummy nahi manengi). Until you are very very very fortunate to have something which is old and is white. But while choosing clothes, try and pick the one whose material is suitable, i.e. it doesn’t absorb water. Also, try and cover as much as the skin you can with your clothes.

How to prepare yourself for Holi

6. Be careful about certain things

Remove lens before leaving for Holi, as colours can damage them. Also, Bhaang dhyaan se pina, jinhone piya hai agar unhe nahi jaante toh doori banaye rakhna. Translation: Be careful when you have Bhaang, and be careful of those who have had it especially if you don’t know them. Don’t let anyone molest you or harass you by saying ‘Bura naa maano Holi hai’. It goes for both guys and girls.

How to prepare yourself for Holi

And just a little truth that you must know:

Agar tumhe lagta hai Organic Colours Harmful nahi hote, toh shayad tum galat ho. Translation: Organic Colour Are Harmful too. You are being fooled by marketing tactics.

Didn’t we get your back with our list of How to prepare yourself for Holi? Let us know in the comment box how were these tips, and how was your Holi. And-

The Magzone wishes you a colorful, chemical-free and dry Holi!

How to prepare yourself for Holi

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