How To Love Yourself More, Cause Baby You’re A Firework

How to love yourself
How to love yourself

We all have had good days and bad days. On good days, it’s easy to be confident and happy. But on bad days, it is not. Some things are so devastating that you can’t get yourself out of them and you end up hating your entire existence. How to love yourself. That’s when you read this.

Here are 8 ways to love yourself more.

1. Forgive yourself

It is not wrong to make mistakes and you need to remember that. No matter how bad of a mistake you make or how much you hurt someone, you can always find the strength to make peace with it. So don’t regret anything. And sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t fix a few things, but that is not your fault. There is no point in beating yourself up for it. So Forgive yourself and Let it go Frozen style! 😉

How to love yourself

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2. Know more about yourself

One of the most disturbing things I have noticed about people is that they choose to be ignorant about themselves. They don’t know a lot about themselves and that is the case with many people. Trust me, there is no better feeling when you know almost EVERYTHING about yourself. I say almost because as you grow older, you get to know more things that you realise were there before but you didn’t know. But you can still know most of the things and that is liberating!

How to love yourself

3. Accept what you can’t change, improve what you can

Now acceptance is pretty hard. But the fact is, you can’t accept anyone else if you don’t accept yourself first. So accept every little perk, every insecurity, every little flaw and of course every achievement too. Find a way to know what things you can change and what you cannot. If you can change a few things, improve and excel! If you can’t, why stress about it anyway?

How to love yourself

4. Talk to yourself

The most efficient way to love and admire yourself is to talk to yourself, in your mind, out loud, in every way possible. Did someone break your heart? Find out how you feel about it. Speak to yourself when no one’s around. Let your thoughts be heard and MAKE THEM REAL. At least to your own self. This is the best way to face your own thoughts. It will also help you to motivate yourself and get your chin up! So next time you’re alone, let your mind do the talking!

How to love yourself

5. Don’t hate

It is not possible to hate anyone unless you hate some things about yourself. You have to be confident enough to be able to claim to know more about yourself than anyone else. And that will only lead you to love yourself more. There’s enough hatred in the world for you to add to it. Especially self-hatred. There is no point and it is just a waste of your feelings. Yes, there is a thing as wastage of feelings and hate is an example of it. So just give yourself a hug and don’t hate.

How to love yourself

6. Don’t doubt yourself

Doubt is the worst thing you can give yourself. You have to know that you can achieve every success and go through every challenge by yourself even if you fail the first time. There is no room for love if you doubt yourself. And there is no room for doubt if you love yourself. So just believe you can get through anything and the world would be simpler then.

How to love yourself

7. Don’t listen to people

This may sound a little rude but just don’t listen to people. People have the habit of judging a person right from the moment they see them. And they make insulting remarks that hurt others. So ignore their remarks and taunts and if you want to be extra savage, just give them a little piece of your mind! 😉
Also, if you are one of those people, please don’t do it. You DON’T know how much it affects someone.

How to love yourself

8. Find something you love

When you find something you love, you automatically would want to work hard for it and be the best at it. When you do that, you’ll realise that you’ll be completely engrossed in doing what you love and that will instantly make you feel better about yourself. It makes you feel like a real person again when you’ve been feeling worthless. So if it’s singing, writing, dancing or even gardening, find out what generates a spark in your heart and indulge yourself in it.

How to love yourself

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Lastly, remember you’re only human and that your imperfections and perfections are all there for a single simple reason – To make you, you! And also, you wouldn’t be you if it hadn’t been for every bad experience, every heartache, every embarrassment and every failure. So embrace it all and shine. ‘Cause Baby you’re a Firework! 😉

What are your views about loving oneself? Let us know in the comments below!