Tried And Tested Ways To Get More Pocket Money From Your Parents 

All of us want more pocket-money to satisfy our demands, but convincing our parents to give us that “extra” is the real battle.

Here are some of my tried and tested ways to get more pocket-money. They worked for me, should work for you as well.

1. The way you ask makes all the difference

Every day we hear about why it’s important to have good communication skills, add one more to that list, they help you with your parents as well. Blandly deciding to walk up to your parents and asking them to increase your pocket-money in most cases will end up with a “NO” from them. Instead try smoothing things first, start off with something like “Ma/ Dad I know you guys really do work hard and try to keep me happy by getting me many things, thanks a lot for that but I really need a little increase in my allowance“. This allows your parents to think you are considerate and you do value whatever you get so they could give your allowance a second thought. Nothing better than a clear conversation.

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2. Trade money for your skills or their expectations

Parents want two things from you, first, study more and second, help them with their work. If you can tackle the situation carefully, you can use these to get more pocket-money. Make deals with your parents that if you help them with a particular work for 3 times a week they will increase your allowance or that if you study for an hour extra every day, they will increase your allowance.

3. No pressure=Better response

Instead of straightaway asking to increase your allowance and asking for an immediate response and getting a no, give them some time. Try “Ma/Dad take your time to think this out but it would be really helpful to me if you increased my allowance a little.This shows you are patient and mature and also removes the pressure of immediate response.

4. Gifts

Let’s be honest who doesn’t like getting gifts? Occasionally save up and gift your parents something. It could be something as little as a bouquet or a gift card. This shows that you do save up, you care for them and that you would probably only spend on things you think are important. A day or two after you’ve gifted them something you could casually pop up the allowance question in a conversation and they would probably consider it.

5. Chores

It’s a daily thing to hear your parents complain about how you don’t help them with chores. Do routine chores like cleaning up the room, getting groceries, going to the bank or helping your mom/dad clean up after they finish cooking. Although these are basic and boring tasks, it puts you in better books with them and maybe saying a no when you ask for an increase in your allowance would make it a little hard for them.

6. Timing

Last but the most important of them all is the right timing to ask. I’ll tell you all the don’ts so you figure out the dos and ask them.
A) Don’t ask when they’re pissed.
B) Don’t ask when they seem stressed about something.
C) Don’t ask in front of your relatives or a huge crowd. This puts them under pressure and they will tell you that they’ll discuss this later and will only lash out later.
D) Don’t compare your allowance with someone else’s when you’re asking. This shows that you still have a childish nature and that you don’t value what you’re given.
E) Don’t demand. Ask them pleasantly and politely.
F) Don’t fight their answer. If they say NO, don’t argue just let it be, ask them after a week or two. Arguing just makes you look immature.

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Tell us some more ways to get more pocket money from parents in the comments below!