How To Celebrate Holi Without Water?: Complete Guide

How to celebrate holi without water?

If we look back at the list of festivals celebrated all throughout the year in India; Holi would be the one festival that’s liked by all age groups. It’s a day when the old become the young and the young become younger! Holi is an auspicious day where we welcome the good by burning the bad in a bonfire. And, this comes with a colorful package, don’t you agree? How wonderful it is to drown ourselves in plenty of colors assorted with water! Right? Just hold that pichkari in hands and sprinkle water on your friends and family! But how to celebrate Holi without water?

Apart from fun, there’s also the fact that our plays are adversely affecting the stability of our Nature. We waste lots of water too! We’re on a run to save water and resources so wasting water in the name of Holi is wrong.

Here are 9 ways to celebrate Holi without water

1. Laddu Holi without water

How to celebrate holi without water?

Orange and yellow are colors that indicate hunger. Also, these are the only colors that indicate a festive season. In the midst of “white” that we wear on Holi, let’s get together with our families and friends and make laddus! ‘Coz festive lunch isn’t tasty without a laddu.

2. Diyas wali Holi without water

How to celebrate holi without water?

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When we hear the word ‘Diya’, the first thing that comes to our mind is – ‘Diwali’. Diya is a welcoming lamp of fire lit for happiness and wealth. Why should it be limited only to Diwali? We light bonfire symbolizing the defeat of Holika. Let’s light lanterns or diyas and increase the intensity of Holika Dahan. We can also decorate our homes with series bulbs that change colors in the blink of a moment. Truly, Holi feels, eh?

3. Flower Holi without water

eco-friendly holi

Most of us might’ve heard of this. Why harm our skin with chemical-induced colors when Nature provided us with colorful flowers? They’re soft and degradable. Plus, they don’t harm our body unless we have an allergic reaction to pollen. All of you must’ve heard of this flower named ‘Tesu’. A saffron-colored flower; it’s used to play flower Holi in certain provinces of India. It has a wide range of medicinal properties and doesn’t harm our skin at all. Natural colors like orange or orangish-yellow are made mostly from this flower, Tesu, also known as the ‘The Flame of the forest.”

4. To satiate our craving for colors, Natural Color Holi

natural colour holi without water

Despite everything, we tend to incline towards using colors. We like to paint our friends and family with colors and make them a mess from head to toe. To such people, you can always buy natural colors from the market. Still, if you have qualms regarding the authenticity of so-called natural colors sold in the market, march towards your kitchens, fellas!

I prefer the colors I find in my Kitchen. But salt, chili powder, black pepper; such condiments should not make this list! So, here are my alternative colors –

  • Red – Kumkum, also called Sindhur. But Sindhur tends to stick to our skin while Kumkum doesn’t.
  • White – You can use any flour available in your kitchen but my personal favorite is Maida flour. It has a very soft and smooth texture. You can always use sugar too.
  • Yellow – What more than Turmeric powder, guys? It has so much medicinal value and is very good for the skin. A perfect color!
  • Brown – This might be rare because it isn’t a kitchen color, per se. If you use pure (100%) jaggery, you’ll know that it almost gives off a brown shade. You can use it, not as a dry color but as a sticky color. Also, you can crush any dried flowers or leaves to get a brown mixture.
  • Black – No, not pepper powder! Use mustard seeds. They are small by nature and if you want a fine powder, you can always crush them. You get your black Holi color!
  • Green – To obtain a greenish-brown shade, you can crush cumin seeds and use the powder.

5. Music Holi without water

music holi

Gather your family and friends at one place. You can always have a singing competition. ‘Coz music is a must for any festival. Without music, there is no perfect celebration. Sing songs, watch movies together, eat sumptuous food and revel in the feel of love.

6. Tilak Holi without water

have a eco friendly holi

This is another widely progressing Holi we are celebrating without water and chemicals. Instead of soaking ourselves and others with wet holi, just put a tilak on their foreheads. In this way, we can enjoy the feel of color as well as avoid usage of chemicals.

7. Lazy Holi

best way to celebrate holi

Still, to those who are utterly lethargic on an energizing day like Holi, we can always become lazier. Ultimately, it’s our festival and what we want to do with it is our own choice. If you don’t want to do anything, it’s absolutely fine. Give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself that you aren’t wasting any resources; that you aren’t harming Nature and just relax! Not celebrating is also a kind of celebration!

8. Paint your social media

How to celebrate holi without water or chemicals?

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We are in an era where social media is of utmost importance. Our appearances are defined by social media, these days. So, if we took the decision to celebrate a chemical-free dry Holi, we can always celebrate it virtually. Let your social media channels flood with colors that represent Holi. Play games like paintball which are analogous to Holi. Ultimately, spread happiness online too!

9. Nostalgia wali Holi without water

holi nostalgia

In this time of Covid, try to avoid huge gatherings instead go for a nostalgia wali Holi. Spend this Holi with your family members and reminisce how you used to celebrate Holi when you were kids. Take out that photo album, eat some gujhiyas and sit with the family and soak yourself in the good old Holi memories.

The MagZone wishes you a colorful, chemical-free and dry Holi!

Wish your friends and wish everyone in this online family! Also, do let us know what you think about how to celebrate Holi without water and whether you like the traditional method or the eco-friendly one in the comments below!