How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers?

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers.

Every year we wait for a new dress, crackers, Diya’s, sweets and stories on the day of Diwali. It lightens good over bad and brightens every nook and dark corner. Diwali brings back many memories. They not only bring happy ones but also the ignored ones. Those ignored old people sitting in closed rooms, kids clutching mothers and stray dogs running frightened because of the high decibel bombs. The thick smoke, knocking on windows blurring the building before urged to tie a scarf before stepping out. This is a slow poison killing environment and us. But how to celebrate Diwali without crackers?

TMZ shares 6 better ways on how to celebrate Diwali without crackers:

1. Light smiles

Diwali, distinctively named Deepawali’s soul lies in the lights. The sense derived in its name, Deep-Awali; Deep meaning Diya and Awali signify surroundings. This Diwali do not only light your home, but also others who need it. Be that ray of light in the lives of people living in the dark. How can you do it? There are several ways. One specific and other metaphorical:

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

  • Gift some Diya’s to those who cannot afford.
  • Take a resolution to educate someone.
  • Join teach India campaign and enlighten illiterates for better tomorrow.

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

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2. Green Diwali

Empower environment! Eliminate high decibel and smoke bombs. As we cannot completely stop celebrating without crackers all of the sudden, you can light few sparklers, ground spinners and let us limit one fountain to a family. They are off less smoke and sound, but make sure to plant or sow a seed for every cracker your burn.

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

This year we can also take a step of saving electricity. Let mud Diyas spread their light everywhere at least on Diwali. Use neither candles nor fairy lights; spend some time in the peaceful brightness of oil lit lamps.

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

3. Tradition

In the age of fast food and fast cars, we forgot the taste of traditional foods and bullock cart rides (I am not asking you to find a bullock with a cart and get on it!) If you have never tried a saree, go for it. Have you ran away from Kurta, try it. Push aside Pizza and burgers, dip your hands in Kheel batasha, mawa-kachori, Moti Pakchiraunji ki bBarfikaranjiGulgulateepi gavallu; Yummy!
How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

4. Different culture

Do you know that Diwali is celebrated differently in diverse parts of India? You must be celebrating in the same traditions for years now. Spread your wings this year, go and explore. For example, Gujarati’s celebrate by creating images associated with the festival like deities, sun and flowers in the form of Rangoli. Images of small footprints are also drawn at the entrance of the door, symbolizing entry of Goddess Lakshmi. In the eastern part of the countrydeals and other oil lit lamps are placed around the house and inside the house. There are much more and you have lots to choose from.

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers
In Gujarat
How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers
In Bengal

5. Family time

The festival is the best time to revive from hectic work. Instead of buying sweets cook together, design a Rangoli with cousins. Leave your phone aside and switch off those special programs on TV to make your Diwali with family more special. Plan fun games, listen to grandparents’ stories and ask them to share their experiences. Festive is exciting with family.
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6. Personal wishes

This Diwali don’t spend your time on forwarding wishes on Whatsapp.Take some personal time calling those you cannot meet and are in other places you cannot reach. Call a sweet shop there and ask them to deliver to loved one’s house with a note (Use the advanced online payment technology.) If anyone is in your vicinity, take time to go personally and wish them. This is the time to acquaint yourself with the neighbours. All it costs is a smile and time.
How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

At least change the way you celebrate Diwali now to enjoy this festival in future. Sustainable celebrations are better than no celebrations.

Now Since You Know How To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers, The MagZone wishes you a Safe and Happy Diwali in Advance. So, what are your plans for this Diwali? Share with us in the comments below!