How Driving An Uber Is A Better Investment Than Engineering

An uber driver can possibly, in India, take home about Rs 20-25k a month (post-tax), putting him reasonably close to the engineer’s take home in the first two years.The average Uber driver, of course, earns at least twice that even after the recent incentive cuts which puts him above the average starting salary of an engineer. India might be one of the few, or only countries, where an Uber driver earns more than a starting engineer!

It’s not why a Driver (generally assumed lower class-job in India) can earn more than an Engineer (generally assumed high profile job). It’s about how much dedication and effort you put into the job or business you do.

Reasons why Uber is a better investment than engineering.

1. Most of the engineering graduates are unemployed

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More than 1.5 million engineering graduates pass out every year in India from 3,345 colleges. With these huge no. of graduates, it is impossible for all to be employed. The rate of unemployment in our country is increasing. So it’s better to be employed with your own cab.

2. If engineering students get placed, their starting salary is low

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Engineering colleges were set up, or evolved, keeping in mind this fundamental reality: our graduates will get Rs 2-3 lakh jobs when they graduate, even the best ones which is quite low for an engineer. While in comparison an Uber driver will earn more on its own without working under any superior.

3. Uber driver earns more than a newly minted engineers

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The basic average salary of an Uber driver is higher than that of an engineer. There’s more flexibility provided in driving an Uber than an engineering job. Also, you are your own master.

4. Future impact

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Without a doubt, an engineer can dramatically up his earnings in the future when he/she gets his foreign stint and/or acquires relevant experience in a segment of the industry and can shop himself around. The driver’s salary is unlikely to spike in the future though. With the growth in population, the need for a cab will also rise in future.

5. Investment in Uber won’t take 4 years of time, unlike degree

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Nowadays ENGINEERING graduates are treated badly. Their 4 years of hard work is not enough, even for themselves. While in 4 years of time, being an Uber driver or having an Uber cab will help you earn huge.

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