As A Reader, Isn’t It High Time You Knew How A Writer Writes?

Life of a writer isn’t easy. Whether the person is a published writer or just a novice nobody, it doesn’t matter. Paid one or not, doesn’t matter! All writers face the same issues, more or less. One might ask, “It’s just writing what you see or think. What’s the big deal?” Yes, it’s a big deal because ideas don’t pop like popcorn all the time in a writer’s mind. There are days when pen becomes a writer’s arch nemesis. No force on this Earth can compel him to pick up that pen and get on with his works.Then there are days when a pen is attached to their fingers as if with a strong adhesive. You just can’t pull them apart.

From sowing seeds of an idea into the soil of their brain, till nourishing that newborn sapling into a fully grown tree that tells us an unforgettable story, a writer undergoes too many phases.

1. Search for Ideas

Firstly, an idea or an outline is required to write something. And hence, the search for a few ideas begin. That’s the first step.

a) Research!

It is the first and the most crucial stage that forms the base for their story, like a pizza base.

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b) Halfway, they search every possible corner

Halfway through their search, they realize that they haven’t got a single idea. They become frantic. Desperate. The search extends to everywhere, no matter how disgusting or unrelated the place is.

c) When someone asks, “Got anything yet?”

Writers are really sensitive to this question, mind you. Hurry their schedule and they’ll have all the beep vocabulary out and at your face.

d) Last resort

They release their frustration on the Almighty now.

e) And then, finally, the “I did it” dance

After fighting many inner struggles with their own mind, they pick up one final idea; with completely exhausted brains and brawns.

2. Figuring out the plot-line

If you think seeking out an idea is hard, then let me tell you, plot-lines are harder. A plot-line is merely a series connection. Hold the unconnected end, find a new end and join them together. The only problem is, finding the right ends. These “ends” should be like a ‘made for each other couple’.

a) List of characters

There is no particular list that a writer prepares before-hand. He/She’ll only have a vague idea of the number of character required for his/her story. By any chance, if their vision of characters is too many, they create an epidemic, a plague. Lo and Behold! You’ve got a thriller there!

b) One protagonist or Multiple protagonists?

If you’re a writer, only you’ll know how hard it is to figure out “what’s the right choice for your story”Do I birth on Hero through my words, or would multiple heroes make a solid plot-line? If there are multiple heroes, I can write multiple scenarios and link them in the climax. But then, what about their gender?

Too many questions, eh?

c) When someone politely offers them a suggestion

This is what they do. They shut the door ‘coz writing is something special and that’s only meant for them to savour. The book they want to create is an effort they wish to put by themselves, without receiving “suggestions” for their plot-lines. They ask for help when needed though (For research!).

d) The satisfaction they receive when a story forms in their head

Yes, they are amazing, you’ve got to admit it. Such beautiful stories lie their hands, don’t they? If they do, then yes, writers are the biggest deals of this universe.

3. Characters

Character names aren’t just names, per se. Maybe not all, but some writers prefer to be creative, if not extra-creative, with their character names. For example, take Indian stories. Most Indian stories, either directly or indirectly, contain Gods and Goddesses names for heroes and heroines. All the time, these names tend to form a couple, in the name of God, literally.

a) When too many names bombard their brains

Picking a name isn’t a chit-game. Before a writer comes up with a name, there are many failed names. Just like, behind a successful selfie, there are 99 unsuccessful attempts!

b) Halfway through, “Did I use this name, already, or not?”

When there are too many characters, writers either tend to be repetitive or ask that question to their self.

c) Characterizing their characters

No character should be the same. Their character must altogether weave a different story, besides the main plot. And, at times, writers feel frustrated to write dialogues in different tones. Seriously, how many characters do they live to write?

4. During Writing

This is a “DND” period (Do Not Disturb) period for a writer. Some prefer to sit in open nature and write their novellas while some coop themselves up in stuffy rooms filled with to-be-printed A4 sheets. Whatever the scene might be, their mindset remains the same.

a) When there is overflow of ideas

Sleep is a far cry.

b) Too much of plot?

Words flow like a melting glacier in summer. There isn’t a stop button.

c) Silence, you foolish morons!

I say this from personal experience that writers hate ANY kind of sound that disrupts their writing sequence. Even if it’s the sound of unwrapping a chocolate!

d) Caffeine/Any liquid intake!

They’ll be so engrossed and wound up with their work that they mostly take liquid foods. They don’t even realize what “other” works they’re doing till that manuscript is over and out.

e) The result of too much typing?

Hand pain, fingers pain, shoulder pain, back pain…Man, pain all over!

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This is how most writers usually find their way to best-selling shelves. I might be wrong about some, but, at least one or two of the qualities mentioned above are intrinsic in a writer. Writing is an art, and this line is a cliché that you must’ve heard a bunch of times. Only a reader can truly understand the essence of what it is to write and what it is to be written. Stories or articles aren’t just amalgamations of countless sophisticated words. They contain a world, a life – birthed by a person, a writer, who is capable enough to yield the mightiest weapon of all times, the pen.

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