Home Cooked Over Everything Else!

Would you call me old-fashioned if I said this?

I have been a modern-day teenager (now a young adult), till a few months ago; the typical excess sugar, salt and oil loving kind. From website reviews to social media responses and comments, from columns in the daily papers to word of mouth, I’ve been an ardent fan of restaurants and the myriad of cuisines they have to offer. All you need to do is pick a place and hit it up. Busy, held up with work? No problem. Order it out with that app on your phone.

Everything has become so simple and quick. We as the new generation adults, are always in a scuttle, to win the rat race that we are put in that we always tend to give up on the real things that matter. We welcome everything to ourselves very instantly, both the good and the bad. With the good food from the very many places outside, comes along 1001 health complications.

I’m not trying to diss, complain and make a huge fuss out of the major adjustments we have made in our lives. However, all that I’m saying is, why not, whip up something good for yourself, at least a meal a day? Notice the amount of sugar, oil, fats, carbohydrates and at the same time, the calories that you intake per meal. This is one way of eating healthy, by comparing and contrasting. Making your own healthy alternatives, switching tastes according to your taste buds and sizing portions according to what you need is all possible, in your very own laboratory, at your disposal.

Over the many weeks that I’ll be writing for The MagZone, I will be including tips, recipes, cheat sheets, personal and experiences of people who have switched to eating clean, at the same time, not miss out on the party that explodes in their mouths, with every gastronomic food experience. So, for today, let’s ditch our take out numbers, apps and phones, and arrange a nice fruit bowl for ourselves, shall we?

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'Make it a point, to learn one new thing, each day.' This is my statement of purpose, when I start and end each day. What do I do? Quite a bit. A chemical engineer by profession, however, I bake a lot, literally. It isn't easy to manage a start up and study at the same time, is it? I also, write, cook, sing and do podcasts too much, for my own good. Oh, and I am also a staunch Gemini, loves to read quirky literature, watch too many movies, and am a... Hold that thought. My social media speaks volumes, more than I can put it in words.