A Historic Judgement In Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Case

Head of Dera Sacha Sauda is sentenced to 10 years jail for his crimes along with Rs. 65000.

Historic Judgement In Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Case
Historic Judgement In Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Case

Gurmeet Singh who assaulted two Sadhvis in 1991 is sentenced today amid tightened security in make shift court of Rohtak Jail. CBI judge, Judge Jagdeep Singh was flown in a helicopter with his reader and writer was landed at a helipad in the jail.

The 15 year old case has seen its justice amid 9 people who were allowed in the court room. Both the counsels were given only 10 minutes to put forward their arguments. CBI lawyer also mentioned that there were many women apart from the two who filed the case who were assaulted for three years. The prosecution demanded maximum punishment for the hideous crime with no mercy.

10 years for EACH Rape case

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Defense of the apparent Godman pleaded for leniency. Gurmeet Singh folded his hands for mercy which is rightfully ignored. The defense in his 10 minutes time argued that he is a social worker who worked for society and welfare of women. They plea to consider his age and health conditions. Silence prevailed after hearing both arguments.

This silence torched riots in Sirsa but they were arrested. Haryana police geared for any further deterioration. Amid anxious breathes in courtroom Judgement of the decade is pronounced. Head of Dera Sacha Sauda has been sentenced to 20 years jail for his crimes along with Rs. 65000.

This restores confidence in the Judicial system. This is an example urging women to come out and speak and seek justice. Everyone is equal in the eyes of law. No person wearing a mask of God is allowed to breathe in open grounds. We salute CBI for orchestrating and making a strong case.

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Further, lakhs of his followers still create unrest on the roads. They torched Sirsa for a criminal who accepted his crime and is pleading mercy. Is the black band around their eyes too tight to open? Can’t they hear cries of victims? Would they do the same if victims belong to their family? Paths of dead bodies and injured people are being laid for a felon. However, the government didn’t fail to secure our nation. Police and Military of three states are ready to face any unrest and people will be arrested immediately.

On the other hand, this is not the end of Ram Rahim Singh. He is still to be accounted for weapons (AK47) and cartridges found in his house. If any link is established with him and terrorists, he will taste the dust.

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From here on, this day will be marked in pages for its historical judgment. It is proved today that no cries are unheard. We salute those two women who brought down a miscreant wearing the mask of Godman. We also show our respect to CBI who kept these women in dark for right reasons.

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