Hindu-Muslim Take? Nah! A Human Take.

Muslims hold pigeons during a march to celebrate India’s Independence Day in Ahmedabad, India, August 15, 2016. REUTERS/Amit Dave

Ever since we got independence we are having a debate in creating a separate nation for Hindus and Muslims. The real question starts when we think of it as a reality! Do we really need another country for two different religions just because we follow different beliefs and have principles? Whenever we see a cricket match between India and Pakistan we automatically assume India to win. We don’t even realize that Pakistan was a part of India before things went out of hand because of reasons.

Reasons which don’t even make sense now.

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Why do we consider them as our so-long enemies?  Why do they think us as their enemies? Isn’t it the time we sort out our issues and look for a conclusion and settle as two peaceful nations and forget everything? Because of our petty differences, we have lost many lives in the past years whose souls are still asking a question!

Was it worth it all?

The British came and lit a spark of differences amongst the two religions and then the fuel was added by the so-called leaders of that time.Imagine the possibilities if the nation was not divided into two different countries.

“United we stand, divided we fall”

We all know this phrase very well but if had applied it in this situation maybe things would have been different. Different enough to be able to strive as a strong nation which would have established as the best with the best of two worlds. We would have been the greatest nation in the world and maybe in a parallel universe, our dreams are real?

Who is to be blamed and whom do we seek answers for this dilemma?

Both the leaders the two countries are busy with expanding their friendship with other nations while they’re forgetting about the importance of having Peace with the next door neighbor.

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Because of few terrorists who haven’t been morally educated and chose to use immoral ways to seek vengeance the bridge between us and them is on the verge of collapsing. Is this why our ancestors fought for the freedom just to create enemies out if ourselves?

It’s not hatred what we have between these countries it’s just pure love gone bad. Love which had held them together shall be lit again and again till the peace is brought to the souls who have died in vain to see a better future for the both countries.

Maybe it’s time for the old and crooked politicians to give away their power so that we youngsters can take their place and think of an alternative because it’s not their future anymore…

We are the one to take a stand from both sides and we are the one to fix our problems and the day when it will happen there would no hatred just pure love and peace and two countries with full if ambitions and opportunities striving towards the forgotten freedom and on the way of development.

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