50 Hindi Songs To Listen When Depressed

Hindi songs to listen when depressed
Hindi songs to listen when depressed

Traveling in a heavily crowded metro or bus after a tiring day of listening to your boss’s crass voice? I bet you have drained your energy and the serotonin levels are going down. You are feeling sad, frustrated, and depressed. Take my advice and DO NOT CALL your friends. You don’t want to hear about their depressing day, right? The best thing you can do is listen to these Hindi songs when you are depressed. They are not regular sad songs. They will lighten you up, add a little oomph to your grumpy self, and make you feel good.

Best mood booster Hindi songs to listen when depressed:

1. Saansein

2. Baatein Karo

3. For Aisha

4. Dhoop Ke Makaan

5. Gubbare

6. Dooriyan Bhi Hain Zaroori

7. Heer toh Badi Sad Hai

8. Galti Se Mistake

9. Navrai Majhi

10. Kudi Nu Nachne De

11. Kudiye Ni

12. Teri Yaari

13. Love You Zindagi

14. Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le

15. Safarnama

16. Patakha Guddi

17. Jeete Hain Chal

18. Ikk Kudi

19. Ek Tukda Dhoop

20. Khaabon Ke Parindey

21. Roobaroo

22. Zindagi Ek Safar

23. Lamhe Guzar Gaye

24. Phir Le aaya Dil

25. Aashiyan

26. Iktara

27. Life is Crazy

28. Saawali Si Raat

29. Bindass Play

30. Mitti Di Khushboo

31. Kabira

32. Noor-E-Khuda

33. Give Me Some Sunshine

34. Aye Khuda

35. Tera Woh Pyaar

36. Dil Mere

37. Riha

38. Waqt Ki Baatein

39. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

40. Maula

41. Sham

42. Meer-e-Kaarwan

43. Saathi Rey

44. Sooraj Ki Baahon Mei

45. Ik Junoon

46. Jiya Re

47. Wohi Khuda Hai

48. Tu Jo Mile/Raabta

49. Jab Koi Baat

50. Buddhu Sa Mann

Remember to play these mood booster Hindi songs when you are feeling depressed, or upset.

They will show you the way out by making you feel better.

If we missed out on your go-to move on song which makes you feel happy in times of sadness, let us know in the comments below!

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