India Is The Only Country Where Speaking Your Mother Tongue Gives A Bad Impression


One of the most common notion in the mediocre minds of India is “He/She speaks English so well, he/she is highly educated and intellectual”. Sadly enough, this stigma is widespread throughout the country. We live in a country where the criteria of judging an individual’s intellect depends upon the fluency, speed and accuracy of his/her English speaking. We were slaves of the British years ago. Although the British are long gone from our country, nonetheless we are till date their slaves. Their linguistic slaves.

Ever wondered why countries like China, Japan and Korea are so prosperous? The reason lies in their love and regard for their language. The strength, sovereignty and unity of a nation itself lies in the language of the nation. After years of struggles and conflicts we were gifted a national language. What did we do with it?

No factor other than the linguistic factor can promote the national culture. However, we Indians rather than promoting our own language have switched to the language of those who altered our culture, we adapted to their ways of life instead of promoting ours. No, I’m not asking to refrain from learning other languages, then be it English, French or whichever. There’s a thin line between learning to master a new language and letting the language master our etiquette and attitude. Think twice, speak wise.

Irony that this article is also in English. But then, if not how will we reach out to the Linguistic Slaves out there? Drop your views in the comments below.

Image Courtesy : IBTL and Google