Here Are The Reasons Why RESERVATION Should Be There In India

Everybody these days is ready to debate over Reservations. Majority of the people think that it should be removed because it doesn’t do justice to the general category.

Now, because everyone is against reservations, everyone knows why it should be discontinued, here are some of the reasons why we still need the reservation for minorities.

1. To Give equal opportunities

Tracing the Indian history, we see lower castes were harassed and discriminated. To uplift the lower castes and give them equal opportunities reservations are a must. Even today you can find people in the village not getting enough food due to lack of education opportunities. To prove their talent reservations are a must. Upper castes have ruined SC/STs families over 2000 years and giving reservation for just 3 generations is not enough to conquer the loss they have faced over the years. They are still in poor conditions, and by they I refer to the majority population. They deserve a chance to get educated. Reservation should be still given to them.

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2. It started well but rules need to be amended

I am sure most of us don’t even know why reservation came into the picture in the first place. We start questioning/cursing the system just because we are not directly getting benefited out of it. It was given to those backward communities who had no access to education, money, awareness etc. The country was not treating the backward community as equal. Unfortunately, reservations were based on the caste system (and not on the economic conditions of the people). It was easy at that point of time to recognize under privileged based on their castes(as most of these under privileged people belonged to some specific castes.) In today’s relevance one could question or argue over the caste as the sole factor to identify these people who are given reservations, but no one can deny that it has actually helped India in getting only better.

Every system/ rule has its pros and cons, so has the reservation system and it needs to be updated to match the current scenario/perspective/needs.If a nation has to develop/prosper then it will have to take all of its citizens forward, leaving a group of people behind won’t help.

3. Reservations are a Positive discrimination

Reservations are considered a Positive discrimination. When there are two parties who are not equal then it is not fair to treat them equally. The existing situation of inequality has to be removed first. How to do it? The most disadvantaged among the two has to be provided with a positively discriminated treatment so that they can make use of the opportunity to become equals. Hence Reservation in case of SC/ST and Women are inevitable for a rapidly developing nation like ours. Reservations reflect the principle of ” EQUALITY” enshrined in the Constitution.Also Read | Unruly And Unapologetic Kangana Ranaut Is My New Role Model. Here’s Why.

When special coaching is provided to children who face difficulties in coping with fellow companions, why not the reservation for the disadvantaged sections (SC/ST, Women) who have been deprived of opportunities for decades together?

4. Eradication of backwardness, poverty and living standard of tribes

Reservation helps to protect their rights which were lost in the history since Aryan invasion. By the help of reservation people of the backward tribe will get equal status in the society. Reservations also help in the development of the lower strata of the society, so it greatly influences the overall development of the country.

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This article may change your mind on reservation system in India. What are your views? Do let us know in the comment section below:

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