Her “Father’s day”

Unlike other summer nights, this was much cooler but the droplets of restlessness had already started accumulating on his forehead anxious of what the tomorrow’s sun had to offer for his daughter for whom it was the first day of high school.

Saturated with mixed feelings of fear and rejoice he tried to distract himself but utter serenity and the ticking sound of the minute hand restrained him from doing so. He started reminiscing that day when she was born. He was happy but was compelled to hide this feeling within his sealed lips and no one to share along. So, were these characteristics imposed on her to hide her emotions making her believe that face doesn’t provide freedom of expression, eyes are never meant to pour out emotions, lips were made only to indicate notions, ears to hear the orders and transform into actions.

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But for her, she was one exquisite princess for whom he never failed to show his concern and immense respect for his thoughts. Like every other father, he too wished to provide luxurious life to his only child but the shackles of poverty never allowed him to do so.

“You nurture me like a princess, Oh father but I fear to bloom and become someone’s queen because not everyone keeps wilted roses in their diaries” -Aamir

His thoughts again took a turn and reached the threshold of the school where she will put her first steps into, where her wrinkled skirt will resemble our poverty, skin color would speak more than inner intellectualism. Enclosing themselves in luxuries they will roll on four wheels, perhaps their windshields may not slide down seeing you waiting at the bus stop railings.

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But a firm belief again struck him making him think that she’s an exquisite gem, whose thoughts have a home in the dreamland. Whose presence can make the difference and can give a new shape to the world, indeed she was the one he had instilled best values with.

Reminiscing that time he again tried to sleep but now the ticking of the clock was amalgamated with sounds of chirping birds, and from the cavity, in the door, early morning rays started entering. Like a hope to turn their present and future bright, firm conviction he had on his Knight whose journey was about to take a flight.

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