If You Have Heard These Songs, I Guarantee That Your Childhood Was Amazing

Songs are the best way to feel good when sad, feel excited when bored and feel relaxed when tensed.

Do you feel nostalgic, when you listen to a particular old song that reminds you of the time when you used to listen to it on repeat and you start missing that phase of life?

But these set of songs are different, they are the best, jotted down in this list.

1. Sabki Pasand…?

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I really want to meet the four aunties and ask, “Hema Aunty, Rekha Aunty, Jaya Aunty, Aur Shushma Aunty, aapki pasand Nirma sach me hai?

2. Twacha Ki Raksha Kaun Karta Hai?

You cannot say ‘Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream‘ without singing it. YOU CANNOT!

3. Aapko Pata Hai G?

What is a heartbreak? Kabhi Parle G doodh main dubte dekha hai?

4. Tum Husn Pari…

I always wanted to be this pretty, husn pari, jaane jahan, sabse hasin, sabse jawan!

5. Piyo Glass Full…DOODH!

Doodh Doodh Doodh, Doodh Doodh, Wonderful doodh. The only drink I wanted to have, when I was young.

6. Asli Masale Sach Sach

In my entire life, I have seen MDH wale uncle grow old. He is a legend.

7. Bole Mere Lips?

The best song to market a product with the shortest lyrics. BOLE MERE LIPS, I LOVE UNCLE CHIPS.

8. Aaya Mausam…Bolo Kiska?

Thande Thande Dermicool ka. Thande Dermicool ka!

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Missing childhood? So am I. Do let us know your favourite ads in the comment below!

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