7 Reasons Why We Hate Exceeding Festive Culture In India

Problems From Festivals In India

Festivals! Celebrations, get together, parties, gifts and exasperation. Yes, you heard it right, the greater annoyance we hide behind smile masks. However, people jump in the festive spirit, few people are out there who hate it. Get over it. We exist. We do not hate the festivals, we hate the stress and drama associated with it. You people will count us insensitive but deal with it. Please acknowledge the problems from festivals in India.

If you are one of us, you will definitely relate to the following problems from festivals in India:

1. Visits

People whom we did not meet in ages visit us with a box and fake smiles. The festive holidays give us some time with our family, but these known strangers poke in. You might think, we can just forget everything and sit with them for a day. But will this change anything? No! They are going to be same from tomorrow.

problems from festivals in India

We die with cheek ache and welcome arrangements for the people about whom we do not even care.
problems from festivals in India

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2. Competition

I do not know what festivals do to people. They become so sweet even after being rude for all the day. All they care about is what will we give them when we go to their house and what will they get if they come to our house. All they want to confirm is whether their decoration is better than yours, or not. They are there to compete for their attires with yours. Is happiness weighed by what you are dressed in? No! Then why do you wear those heavy dresses in which you cannot even walk?

problems from festivals in India

3. Traffic

Festivals serve us worst traffic than rains. Holi’s are evident for this. Celebrate in your house and in your community. What do you get from running on roads? You will revisit this during Ganesh Visarjan, Dussehra and New Year. Before independence, to discuss further strategies of revolution under wraps people planned rallies. What revolution are we planning now? You have no idea how many ambulances and fire engines are stuck in this traffic.
problems from festivals in India

4. Pollution

Do you know how many species on earth tremble from the sounds of your so-called celebration? Can’t you see the amount of smoke your materialistic happiness is producing? Even those sparkles on the sky are failing to shine brightly in the smoke.

problems from festivals in India

Roads covered in filth and celebration blasts narrate the narcissistic approach of your celebration. You are killing your own land in the name of happiness.

problems from festivals in India

5. Mood swings

Why do you force people to be happy? They have the liberty to live there mood. Help them to be happy, but do not force them. Do not pass nasty comments saying they do not know how to enjoy.

problems from festivals in India

Let them live, instead of making them a wax statue with a single expression of happy mood.

problems from festivals in India

6. Posts

Festivals are not about hashtags or posts you make. We don’t need minute by minute updates breaking our timeline. Make memories; stop manufacturing, packing and selling them. People who don’t even draw a flower whole year, sit and make Rangoli. We have no problem with it. Please do make it and fascinate people, colours make people happy. The way you decorate house artistically is appreciable, but please don’t show off. People are not there to boost your ego.

problems from festivals in India

7. Kills Savings and Peace

These festivals, which come with discounts, still empty your savings. There is no hope to revive. Save for another month and spend on another festival. Why? This disturbs future investments and plans.

problems from festivals in India

Get troubled till next festival which will kill every fragment of peace left with you.

problems from festivals in India

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Do you agree with us? Most of you will because half of the Indian population are sufferers of this exceeding festive culture, which no more depicts the real sense of the festivals. Celebrate festivals in peace, not in pieces.

What do you think about the problems from festivals in India? Do let us know in the comment section below!