10 Halloween Costume Ideas That Flashes Hogwarts Or Westeros Star In You

Halloween Costume Ideas

” When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, it’s near Halloween “

Yeah! The spooky time of the year has come. It’s going to be 31st October. It’s going to be Halloween. This is a western Christian feast celebrated to remember deads and faithful departed, saints and martyrs. The jack-o-lanterns, with bleeding plum, guising, pranks and horror storytelling with pranks is the highlight of this season. And what’s more exciting, Dressups!

So here are a few Halloween Costume Ideas for you:

1. Dementor

The troublesome beast creates a horrifying scene to the potter. So now you become one of them. what do you need?

An extra large black sweater or a gown (just don’t take a one with shimmery and stones). You’re a dementor, you must look like the one who has never shopped in ages. Halloween costume ideas

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Note: Skinny ones would look the best.

2. ” I’m Dobby and I’m a free elf “

What would an elf ever wear? Destroy your white dress or white shirt. Make it look like a rug. Put on the winter cap. Add shoes and socks.Halloween costume ideas

Note: Forget the pants. You just can’t afford it now.

3. Like Professor Trelawney

Halloween costume ideasAre you a Jewelry junk? Get all your jewels on. Add a lot of it to yourself. Rings, necklaces, earrings, name it all. You need to be overdressed.

Note: Do not forget your specs!Halloween costume ideas

4. School dresses

Remember Hogwarts is a school. And hope you have been to one. Get your school dresses out. Put the uniform on. Wand and books. And get yourself sorted out by self. Halloween costume ideas

Note: Look shabby! You don’t have your principal as Umbridge.

5. The scar

It’s Harry Potter. Scar yourself, add the yellow stripped muffler if you have. Or get the wand and round specs on.Halloween costume ideas

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Note: Scar yourself using sketches, don’t expect Voldemort to scar you.

6. Khal Drogo

What will it take to become Khal Drogo? Go shirtless! Sneak a kajal or a liner from a woman’s makeup box. Paint your bagging eyes and the upper lids. Get the hair done,(need not require to grow it long, they are artificially available).Halloween costume ideas for got

Note: For boys!

7. Hair Game

The Westeros queens and princesses have one thing in common, their love for grooming hair. Hair grooming is something almost all the girls love. And it is the easier way to sort out what you wanna look like in Halloween.

Halloween costume ideas for game of thrones

Note: Don’t fetch for golden hair if you don’t naturally have them. Arya Stark has black hair.

8. Nail Art

If you’re just out of ideas of whom to look like, relax Halloween doesn’t force you to look like the exact one. Get a tee. Groom yourself good or dirty. And paint your nails. Nail art has been a trending style in the city of yours and mine. You probably get almost all types of Nail Art.
Halloween costume ideas nails Note: Show it off!

9. Pets

What are your cats and dogs doing this Halloween? Get them along. They may complete your lazy incomplete styling shimmer by looking like a Digger wolf.
Halloween costume ideas

Note: You can take with you an owl or a toad or a rat.Halloween costume ideas

10. Make up

Makeup conceals it all and reflects it all. Get your look done!
Related imageHalloween costume ideas

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So which Hogwarts Or Westeros star are you going to be this Halloween with these costume ideas? Do let us know in the comment section below!