Why Gurmehar Kaur Is Both Innocent And Wrong?

Gurmehar Kaur, 20-year-old woman, eligible for both casting a vote and marriage, suddenly got a limelight on social media after she initiated a power on debate among the left and right-wing of the nation by uploading a video on her twitter account. The video was a part of ‘Save DU campaign’ following the clashes in Ramjas College last week where activists of the ABVP allegedly clashed with students when JNU students Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid were invited for a seminar.

It is difficult to take a specific side on the issue because the way arguments have turned up and the state in which it stands today is quite technical and hard to understand.

But Miss Gurmehar Kaur. You’re wrong!

Yes.Even if we drive our thinking and comments away from far right nationalists, the words of Gurmeher Kaur seems unacceptable and logically wrong.

Gurmehar, you argument that the “War Did Not Killed Your Father” gives Pakistan a complete white clean chit over the provoking events that they are proudly doing right since they got Independent. More importantly, your arguments placed India and Pakistan, both on the same page and held India as much responsible as Pakistan for the war and tensions, both countries are currently into.

Secondly your words say, “I am making this video because I want the Governments of both countries to stop pretending and solve the problem”.

Wait. Were we not blaming our previous government and every ruling party for taking the light stand against Pakistan since past 60 Years? Are we not trying to solve the issue and holding our peaceful stand in spite of provoking terrorist attacks from their side?

Apart from this, Gurmeher who represents herself an Independent Youth of the nation do not misses the opportunity to take the shed of a martyr’s daughter whenever required.

Was The Way Of Outrage, Correct?

No.Debate is a part and a common practice in Democracy, but the news that Gurmeher faced several rape threats and even left the national capital because of hard stand of several so-called nationalists, is absolutely condemnable and deserves severe rebuke.

The way our democracy has changed and people on either side of the political spectrum are turning debates into the war of ego is extremely shocking.

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