Are You A Bollywood Fan? We Challenge You To Guess These Bollywood Remakes From Images

Hollywood Bollywood Remakesx
Hollywood Bollywood Remakes

Bollywood is the proudest thing Indians boast about. Indeed it is.

Well, do you really think you are a true Bollywood fan? Take this challenge to recognize the Bollywood counterpart of the Hollywood movie shown in the picture.

Step 1: Recognize the Hollywood from the image.
Step 2: Guess the Bollywood counterpart of it.









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Now check the answers!!

1. Jab we met

You probably can never forget Geet but do you remember Anna?

2. Sangharsh

Well, there was a minor change of FBI in Silence of the Lambs into CBI of Sangharsh.

3. Murder 2

The scenes have shown all Antichrist activities which indeed have shown a great change in Bollywood Horror movies.

4. Players

Did the mini coopers made it easy to guess?

5. Dilwale

This was a sparkling remake of one of Nicholas Sparks’ best romantic collection, The Best Of Me.

6. Rangoon

The poster and the actors make it easier to guess. P.S if you’re 90s born.

7. Milenge Milenge

It’s serendipity!

8. Partner

Do they look like Salman Khan and Govinda? Well, it was a successful remake including the selection of actors.

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How many correct guesses were you able to make? Do let us know in the comment section below! Tag your friends and challenge them!