These Gross Comments Found On Social Media Channels Shows How Badly Are We Missing Education In 21st Century

We might not hurt anyone physically these days but there’s lots of verbal abuse flying everywhere. Especially, on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. As far as Twitter is concerned, I find it annoying that people tweet to abuse, mostly. Social media channels have turned into fighting rings instead of serving their real purpose of interacting with people to create bonds.

I found different kinds of comments loitering around on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon even! Here’s the kind of comments we generally come across on these platforms.

1. Racist comments

It’s ironic how people love God but hate people of God. Skin colour is not something one gives oneself. It’s God-given – no one to rule it. If you’re black, you’re black. Commenting grossly on pictures of black people, saying things like “F***ing Nigger” is not very cool. Asking them to “Skin their skins off” is totally gruesome.

gross comments on social media
P.S. Not all Blacks belong to Africa, you hater

I was going through this page of 4 followers (I remember it being just 4 when I saw) and found this. Such people are retarded on so many levels.

2. Skinny Comments

OMG! You’re so skinny! Eat something and get some flesh first“.

Well, this might not be gross to the readers but let’s see this from the opposite perspective. If you are a skinny girl with a flat chest and a no-booty, then you’ll find that comment really oppressive. No girl likes to hear how flat her chest is. She doesn’t really appreciate people telling her not to waste money on adult lingerie.

gross comments on social media

This conversation was about a model named Issa Lish. You can see how she looks by either following the link to her Instagram page or by looking her up on Google. There was this article on Issa Lish, 3 years ago, on Yahoo site and see what the comments were –

gross comments on social media

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There are people who accept the natural order of things and then there are some who scratch their itches by pointing fingers at things they think to be unnatural. I have a friend who looks like a rectangle – short, flat chested, no booty. And, she eats thrice the amount of what I eat! It’s not that thin people don’t eat; no matter how much they eat, they can’t get fat.

3. Fat-shaming

This society doesn’t accept people who are overly thin and excessively fat. Let’s put aside their eating habits, for a while. I’m sure that the ones who comment things like “Join a gym” or “Cut down on taking carbs before posting your pictures” or “Don’t show skin or wear skin-tight dresses if you’re fat“, know nothing about the fat girl/boy in the picture.

gross comments on social media

This E-mail was sent to Kelly Roberts, a marathoner. Yes, she’s thick but she worked hard to be where she is now today. So, yes, she has the right to preach to us about strengths and capabilities.

There’s a friend of mine who once posted an Instagram story that read – “No fat chicks allowed“. This was written on a sports car’s bumper. People today have become so senseless that they equate two unequal words – thin and healthy.

4. Homophobic comments

Love has no gender. What’s it to you if a boy falls in love with another boy? The other day, I was going through YouTube and came across some homophobic comments. I literally cracked up when I read this –

gross comments on social media
Seriously? Should gays not exist in order to reproduce? Well, there are women who can’t give birth too!

His answer aside, this is a serious issue to be concerned with. When people start opening up to gays, lesbians and transgender, there are people who throw verbal abuses at them for being born as gays. For being someone who they can’t help but be!

gross comments on social media

And, I hate the fact that people like them find it impressive to spout such shit on social media. Love has no religion, is what we should know. It is indecent and shameful to talk about penetrations on a platform such as YouTube and to think it is perfectly normal for a guy to only love a girl.

5. Slut-shaming

Did she spread her legs for you?” This is the first thought I get when a person accuses a model/girl of doing so. When you know nothing except how she looks, how can you declare that she’s a whore? In the first place, you haven’t even met her, have you?

gross comments on social media

I couldn’t capture the comment in one screenshot. Hence, the collage.

People say that only girls are being slut-shamed. Well, that isn’t completely true. There are men who suffer verbal abuses thrown at them too. The right word for men would be gay-shaming, I guess ‘coz being called a “faggot” equals being called a “slut”.

6. Religious comments

We do remember what happened to Sonu Nigam, don’t we? Social media gave us a chance to express our views. Not over-express. Muslims shame Hindus and Christians. Hindus consider every Muslim to be a terrorist. And, Christians want people to convert to their religion. This is what we see in social media comments.

gross comments on social media

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And then there are people who preach that other religions are viruses to be eradicated. What’s the point actually? What do they gain by shaming other religions? A few are bad, that doesn’t mean that the entire community is bad, right? Some say, “Muslims are perverts”. But, rapists are Hindus and Christians too. And another man from a different religion says, “Hindus are overbearing and egoists”.

gross comments on social media

The MagZone does not side with a particular religion. We are a family of various religions and genders.

What do you think about these gross comments on social media? Share your views with TheMagzone in the comments below!